Monday 13 December 2004, by Anonymous :

I counted Angel in four and Xander in two ?!?! You might have guessed that these 25 were not supposed to be the most serious but "favourite" moments. Also, from their selections, you might have guessed that they were being highly irreverent.

Monday 13 December 2004, by someguy :

im a guy and i still watch reruns of this show. s1-s4 and it makes me feel ashamed to watch the show, when ppl vote things like Andrew and the dungeons & dragons scenes as one of their favourite moments, or the guy with cheese. I mean wtf, surely u like the show for more then this. I know pretty much all this stuff is done by chicks and thats why s5 is like ppl’s favourite series. But surely there are some ppl out there that like the show for the same reasons as me. What about the Oz and Willow scene in the start of The Wish. "I told you what I need." or Willow and Xander in the study hall during Band Candy. or Xander smiling at Cordy at the end of the Zeppo. or Xander getting Cordy to be bait haha. ;] oh well. There’s alot I dun like about the show, cos is pretty much a chick show, but surely chicks like these moments too? I use to love this show but I’ve seen s1-s3 over and over, Angel is a far better show now.

Monday 13 December 2004, by Anonymous :

Did anyone notice they got the pictures for the two Innocence scenes round the wrong way? The picture of Cordy and Xanders on the Angelus one, and vice versa.

Monday 13 December 2004, by Lol :

I think they should have called them the most funny scenes, coz where I see it, most of them are funny. It’s a shame the Xander/Dawn scene isn’t there

Tuesday 14 December 2004, by Anonymous :

Where is when Xander saved the world in Grave?!!!! That is my best scene!!!

Tuesday 14 December 2004, by Ann :

I loved the scene when Xander lost his eye! That scream Nick Brendon gave was so real and showed the agony Xander felt. That was one of the best shuddering moments of the whole show.

Tuesday 14 December 2004, by Lol :

Oh, oh, I forgot the Xander/Willow scene in Grave!! Why isn’t it there?!!!!!!!!!!!! *fuming*

Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Anonymous :

Xander doesn’t have two pieces. The picture that shows Xander and Cordy kissinf was actually meant to be for Angelus when he bit that blonde woman once he got bad. Xander only have one scene, the OMWF’s ’I’ll Never Tell’, which is very unfair since his character had done so much for the show. I admit that, even though I’m not a Xander fan. I still know how important he is to the show.

Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Anonymous :

I think the scene in "Who are you?" in which Faith analises Buffy´s body is one of the best ever. It was very funny.. should be on this list!!

Friday 17 December 2004, by Casper :

I think it is a pretty good list..But I also miss the scene in Grave when Xander saves the world.First time I saw it I cried like a baby.And I love the scene in showtime when Buffy are about to fight the uber vamp and says Welcome to thunderdome.And Andrew replies To men enters, one man leaves...Its a very cool moment i think..But then again..we all have our favorite moments..=o)

Sunday 19 December 2004, by dark_fangs :

My favourite sene was when Spike decides not to shoot Buffy and try to console her. And one of the funniest when Spike tells Dawn that he isn’t good, that he is normal.

Wednesday 22 December 2004, by Anonymous :

My favorite scene would be when Xander told Anya that he loved her for the first time and that she makes him feel like a man. So beautiful.

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