Tuesday 14 December 2004, by Anonymous :


Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Angel :

I do my best to appreciate people’s efforts to do something good and praise them. But I’m afraid these character tryouts simply suck. There’s no similarity between the real characters and these muppets. Even skins made for The Sims were much much better...

Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Anonymous :

At first I thought this is about the people who appeared in Angel until I saw Dawn. I think Xander and Giles deserve to be there more than Dawn.

Sunday 19 December 2004, by MR T :

WHERE IS CORDY!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 18 August 2005, by Jax :

The Illyria one is very good. I wish they had a Faith! :P But they didn’t suck. They were good. It’s hard to make a sim look like a person.

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