Saturday 19 March 2005, by Anonymous :

Good article, but he’s already suggesting that the suit not be important. *sigh*

Monday 21 March 2005, by Aussie Wverse Fan :

To even write an article like this, just proves to me that you know nothing of the real genius that is Joss Whedon.

Tuesday 22 March 2005, by paladin :

I first thought when I heard about WW was that it is a bad idea. I don’t have anything against the character, but I was not convinced that anyone can make a good WW movie.

As I thought about it further, I realized that if anyone can do it, it is Joss. I remember when I first started watching Buffy: I was at Cornell, and I heard a professor of Roman literature talking about the show during class. At first, I thought he was joking. What else does he watch, Melrose Place? Then when he kept talking about it over and over again, even gossiping about Angel’s eventual fate (surprise had just aired, the first part of the 2 prater where Angel looses his soul), I started watching. My first episode was Innocence (part 2) and I was hooked. After watching all 7 years of Buffy (and owning half the series on DVD; I will get the rest sooner or later) I am truly convinced that Joss is a genius.

As for all the things you put down in your letter, I am sure that Joss is far ahead of you. He has probably thought of things that you won’t even imagine to make the movie better. Making movies is Joss’s dream, combine that with his love of all things comic book, and you have the makings of a great movie.

Have faith in Joss. He won’t disappoint.

Saturday 26 March 2005, by Anonymous :


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