Saturday 19 March 2005, by Anonymous :


Saturday 19 March 2005, by Anonymous :

Arrgg these type of things always frustrate me... why did they cancel Angel?? I mean I heard something about advertisers or something blah blah blah but SERIOUSLY.

Sunday 20 March 2005, by Anonymous :

I could grab my own video camera and shoot an episode with any one of the Angel actors, stick it on tv as is, and get more viewers than anything the WB will ever be able to come up with again, unless it’s by Joss!

Sunday 20 March 2005, by SUSAN :

I cant help but have a giggle after reading this.....Angel still rules.

Sunday 20 March 2005, by Wolverine68 :

Well good, it serves them right. And I bet this is not because the shows suck, but because many fans refuse to watch & support the Wacko Brothers network. I hope everyone will join me in sending an email, or something, to the WB laughing at them for this.

Sunday 20 March 2005, by Anonymous :

YES!!! Revenge is more than great it’s sooooo SWEAT. Nah nah nah!

Monday 21 March 2005, by princess :

u guys r so right i just wish joss would decide to a movie reuniting the best characters from buffy to angel and cordy (somehow)+ conner and dawn ofcouse i just really miss the show so

Monday 21 March 2005, by Anonymous :


Tuesday 22 March 2005, by Aspenasia Chase :

Ha! I knew whatever show they put in Angel’s time slot would crash and burn! Stupid TV station executives!

Wednesday 23 March 2005, by Anonymous :

I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN F YOU WB :( cries** it would have been better if david came out and said " I quit after this season...*

Friday 25 March 2005, by Greg2600 :

Jamie Kellner = Idiot

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