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Alan Tudyk believes "Serenity 2" Movie will happen

Saturday 2 February 2008, by Webmaster

Ramius here,

I’ve never watched "Firefly", nor have I seen "Serenity", but I know a lot of you folks out there - including Clint - are big fans. There’s been a rumour floating around for about six months that a second "Serenity" movie was in the works. We kinda-sorta-maybe got to the bottom of it today.

Moviehole’s Kris Ashton caught up with Alan Tudyk this morning to talk - over a terribly bad phone connection, no doubt because of the severe storms in Sydney? - about the "Death of a Funeral" DVD. Naturally, we asked him about the chances of a sequel to "Serenity" - and though he still doesn’t have confirmation, believes we will indeed see the return of the spacely film series.

"My opinion – I have to couch it that way – is yes", says Tudky, on the line from Los Angeles. "But I can’t give you anything beyond that. I had heard something, that there was going to be one and said so, and got in sooo much trouble. I was in Melbourne when I said it, and I got back to the States and I had a message from Joss Whedon asking how I was planning to finance it. … But in my opinion there will be one."

Again, this is just one’s man’s opinion.... but it’s something to go on.