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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Allyson Beatrice - "Will the Vampire ... Leave the Lobby ?" Book - Ultimate Fandom : Slices Of ’Slayer’ Cake

Friday 10 August 2007, by Webmaster

The ultimate ’’Buffy’’ fan — Allyson Beactrice chronicles her obsession with the cult hit in her new book

In the Buffy-verse, there are fans, and then there’s Allyson Beatrice. In Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? (paperback), the message-board maven recounts how she found a new family in the show’s devoted online community — and even a new home for series creator Joss Whedon’s cat. Here are some of her lessons in cult fandom.

THE BIG CHEESE MAY NEVER REMEMBER YOUR NAME. Even after she campaigned to get Buffy an Emmy nomination and Whedon’s Firefly a stay of execution — and met him numerous times at events like his 2004 ’’High Stakes’’ fund-raiser for John Kerry and John Edwards — he couldn’t place her. In fairness, Whedon didn’t know that his assistant had contacted Beatrice to help relocate his kitty after his son developed an allergy.

BUT THE LITTLE GUYS YOU PISS OFF WILL. Beatrice had e-mailed Angel scribe Tim Minear many times but got no response until she posted an online diatribe detailing why she thought one of the episodes he’d written was sexist. The subsequent exchange led to a complex friendship; he even encouraged her to write a book.

IN THE END, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FANS. In March 2004, Beatrice witnessed ’’the greatest random act of PayPal,’’ when Buffistas.org regulars raised $3,000 to bring an Israeli fan to the U.S. for a five-city tour.