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"Serenity" Movie DVD Collector Edition - Inside Designs - Medium Quality Scans

Friday 10 August 2007, by Webmaster

Fellow Browncoats, rejoice! No, I’m not here to report that a sequel is in the works – one can only continue to hope. Instead, I have less momentous but equally shiny news. Today, thanks to the kind folks at Universal Home Entertainment, I received my screener copy of the new 2-disc Collector’s Edition DVD of everyone’s favorite sci-fi flick, Serenity. I haven’t pushed play yet but I wanted to report that the new “collectible packaging” is a HUGE improvement over the hideous artwork adorning the previous DVD.

The new packaging is a waxy, sturdy cardboard tri-fold deal and the front cover contains a clear plastic window where River’s face is painted on. Opening that reveals a nice full-page pic of our Captain and the good ship Serenity – both visible through the clear plastic. Opening once more reveals the two disc spread with each crew member’s picture lining the top edge. Very classy. The back cover is another awesome full-page image, a modification of the international poster art. There is a paper insert with the UPC and a features description (60 minutes of new bonus material!) covering the rear image but it falls away once you open the plastic wrap – no glue either!

Kudos to Universal for giving fans what they’ve been asking for. And you can rest assured that no power in the ‘verse will keep me from posting my review as soon as possible. And yes, I am a nerd/geek/Serenity weenie – whatever you want to call it, that’s me. But I’m proud of it. Trust me when I tell you I wouldn’t blog about a DVD packaging for just any movie. Serenity is just that special and I know there are others out there who are eager to see it. Keep flyin…

"Serenity" Movie DVD Collector Edition - Inside Designs - Medium Quality Scans - Gallery

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