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Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof Interview

By Fred Topel

Tuesday 6 May 2003, by Webmaster

Part One - Buffy and Angel finales

Alyson Hannigan was with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer from the very beginning, unless you count the very first unaired pilot. She came on for the official pilot and played Buffy’s best friend Willow for seven years. Willow started out as a research-y bookworm, but became a powerful witch, so powerful she almost destroyed the earth when she went to the dark side.

Dealing with addiction, sexuality and loss, Willow was one of the most profound characters on the show. Luckily, Hannigan is much lighter in person. She’s all smiles and hugs as she was joined by real life romance Alexis Denisof. Denisof played Wesley on Season Three and then went over to become a regular on Angel. Despite changing shows, their romance bloomed as was evidenced by their touchy-feely display on the red carpet.

What will you miss the most about Buffy?

Alyson Hannigan: I’m gonna miss scaring Tony [Head] when he came to his trailer. I got very good at shocking him. I’ve done everything. I’ve hid under his trailer and jumped out. I’d hide on the hitch and jump down. You have to be very particular because shadows could give it away. I snuck into the back of his trailer. I had an AD unlock the back door and I snuck in and creeped in and scared him.

Alexis Denisof: She’s shaved 10 years off his life.

Did you ever scare anyone else like that?

AH: No. I think Tony’s the best because he actually grasps for his heart in slow motion.

Would you like to spin off to Angel?

AH: Angel’s fun and I definitely liked doing the guest appearances, but I don’t want to take away their shine. There may be guest appearances.

What was it like shooting the last day of Buffy?

AH: It was very, very bittersweet. An emotional day for everyone. It was lots of tears, lots of hugs, it was great.

What does Willow do in the finale?

AD: She’ll surprise you.

AH: She does some good stuff.

Alexis, what about your finale on Angel?

AD: Well, they’re trying to set up the new format for the show if it comes back next year, which would be pretty different from what it is now. I hate to give away the season finale by telling you, but it’s safe to say it would be a very different show next year if it gets picked up.

You’d still be in it though?

AD: Oh yeah. I hope, unless you hear differently.

So, you don’t die, then?

AH: Nobody dies on our shows.

AD: Death is insignificant.

AH: Death is just really a plot twist.

Will Wesley be in the Buffy finale?

AD: No. There’s no crossover for me there.

Did you guys enjoy working together on the Angel crossover episode?

AH: Oh, it was the best.

AD: That was really fun.

AH: There was a lot of giggling.

What are your final thoughts about Willow?

AH: Oh, I’m going to miss everything. It’s been the most amazing and significant job of my life obviously and I’ll always have it near and dear to my heart. I’m so grateful and appreciative that I worked with the best crew and the best writers and producers and cast and I love them all.

What would you like the fans to do with an extra hour in their schedule?

AH: Read.

Any recommendations?

AH: The Last Barrier. That’s a good one.

Part Two - Buffy background and American Wedding

What do you think made the show such a big success? AH: I think the writing. That’s what’s so amazing.

Did you know it would be this huge?

AH: I had no clue. I just remember the first season, Nic[holas Brendon] and I and Tony would run up to the production offices just to try to watch whatever they had edited together.

We were like, "Wow, this is even better than we thought it was going to." The first episode we saw finally cut together was "The Witch," which I think is two or three. It was just phenomenal and we were like, "This is so cool. I’m so excited for my friends to see it." Which is how I gauge projects. If I’m like, "My friends are going to love this."

What was your favorite episode?

AH: "Hush," the silent one, because it was so interesting to do. I had never done anything like that and it was just such an interesting process, having to really know where each moment was because you didn’t have the benefit of words. It was so compelling.

What do you think about Willows growth over the seasons?

AH: I loved Willow just as much then as I do now, so I think her character had the most room to grow because she started out as such a shy wallflower and everything, but yeah. I couldn’t have asked for any more development. I got the most amazing storylines. I won the lottery really.

Did you like playing the darker side?

AH: The dark side was all right. I prefer the lighter side of Willow.

How did you develop the Willow voice?

AH: I sort of got her voice when I was auditioning. I was sitting in the parking lot looking at the material, and I didn’t have it, I didn’t have it. Then there was one particular line which from there on, I was like, "Okay, I know how I want to play this character."

Do you feel like you have two series ending, with the last American Pie coming out too?

AH: Yeah, definitely, although I never looked at American Pie 1 or 2 as "Oh, I’m sure there’s going to be another one." Each time I go into it, I say, "Okay, this is the last one." Movies are so different because it is so short term.

Do we learn anything wilder about Michelle this time?

AH: Oh, man. I don’t know. Maybe.

What is it like having a sister for your character?

AH: It’s wonderful. Michelle’s sister is played by January Jones who’s so sweet and wonderful. It was really nice. I love her. She’s awesome and it’s cool. It was nice to have that sister relationship. It was cool.