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Angel 4x17 Inside Out - Description

Thursday 27 March 2003, by Webmaster

Desperate to find out why Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) has turned to the dark side, Angel (David Boreanaz) goes to demon Skip (guest star David Denman) for answers. Forcing the truth out of him, Angel learns that all that’s transpired, Connor’s (Vincent Kartheiser) birth, Cordelia’s ascension to the higher plane, Angel turning into Angelus and Cordelia’s pregnancy, were all a part of a higher being’s plan to create something even more powerful than itself.

4/2/2003 Angel Inside Out 60 min. Two distinct portraits of parenting are drawn as Cordelia plots to protect her pregnancy and Connor finally meets his mother, Darla (Julie Benz). The gang has determined the location of the Beast’s master, but Connor and Cordelia (Vincent Kartheiser, Charisma Carpenter) have gone into hiding to keep their evil offspring safe. The cunning mother-to-be plays on Connor’s vulnerability, convincing him that their friends are out to kill their child---just as they were planning to murder Connor before he was born. To expedite the birth process before they’re discovered, Cordy makes a murderous request that leads Connor to a moral crossroads---and elicits a ghostly visit from Darla. (VCR Plus+ 70208)