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David Fury - Bronzebeta.com

Thursday 27 March 2003, by Webmaster

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 20:35:48 2003)

Drew Goddard does NOT kick my *** in office golf. I let him win because I’m intimidated by his enormous talent and lanky build.

For the record...

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 20:37:51 2003)

Hey! I’m aqua again. So refreshing.

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 20:42:02 2003)

Carita - Hey, baby machine. Congratulations. I hope you’re considering "Fury" as a middle name. That is if you want something for the Toronto auction. Not to feel pressured or anything. ;-)

Cosmic - Talk to DeKnight. He shot the damn scene, sans tushy.

Princess of Darkness - It’s true, I tell ya.

Question: Hi! Do you still have a beard? What are you going to be doing post-Buffy?

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 20:44:54 2003) HumVee - Nope. Hairless again, like a newborn baby gorilla. (Wait... They’ve got a lotta hair, don’t they. Think of something without a beard. That’s me.)

Thanks a lot, bhd. Glad you liked.

Question: a friend of mine commented that Spike (in "After Life"), referred to clawing his way out of his own grave, in order to relate to Buffy. So why wouldn’t his mother be aware of his death, seeing as she would have likely attended his funeral?

Question: so is office golf like nerf golf i used to play as a kid?

Question: any ideas how to get a script to Joss without having an agent?

Question: what are your plans after the BUFFSTER calls it quits? and are you writing anymore ANGEL episodes? also, who do you think out of all the writing cast can sing the best?

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 20:54:23 2003) JaClaS - We assumed he was buried secretly by Drew. his death no public knowledge. Otherwise, couldn’t really do neat scene with Mom catching him on the couch with a girl. Story comes first. As for the Mayor... We’re all jonsing for it. Wait and pray.

Soph - Be strong, Soph. For Goddard’s sake.

tiggy - We actually have a ten hole golf course set up in the Angel offices. All playing to one of those electric practice putting greens. Damn, it’s a hoot.

Thanks, Carita.

Princess - "Steve DeKNight stole my pants." And Joss, I’m afraid, doesn;t read unsolicited scripts. (I can barely get him to read mine.)

Thanks you, too, muchly, Thatcrazytara. Got one more episode on Angel. No. 21, entitled "Peace Out." Hope it turns out well. Starts shooting today. Meanwhile DeKnight wrote and directed a terrific 17 and Firefly’s Ben Edlund’s written ANgel 20, another kick-*** effort.

Question: Have you any plans post-Buffy?

Question: is the spinoff really dead?

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:03:27 2003)

I’m overwhelmed by all the kind words. So, big blanket thank you to you all.


Well, if she’s out there... Happy B-day, kiddo. Enjoy the day. Lemme know what you’d like. (I’m asking for it, aren’t I?)

bhd - No immediate plans except to sleep and have fun with my family. If it’s picked up, I expect to be returning for another year with ANGEL. We shall see.

Kessie - Spin-offs are never dead. Like Wood, they’re just waiting for their moment.

Atomicsynth - My heartfelt condolensces. And gratitude.

Question: Why o why is ME retconing Spike like it is?

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:10:48 2003)

Stevenav - Sorry you’re not liking the show. These are the stories Joss wants to tell. The characters develop accordingly. If it’s not to your wishes and desires, turn it off. What do you feel was retcon’d about Spike?

And what the hell is retcon, anyway?

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:15:12 2003)

JaClas - Oh my god. You’re right. Of course it’s a typo. I meant to say Drew GREENBERG buried Spike.

eirefaerie - I wrote the verbs and punctuation. Goddard handled the nouns and dangling participles.

Question: Is it true that Michelle Trachtenberg pounced Drew Goddard in the hall yesterday? *g* the crazy things we’re hearing about your place of employ, I tell ya... also, about "Lies"- (spoilerfonted) I heard something about Giles admitting he killed Ben in this episode ... why was that cut?*

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:19:04 2003)

Sunburst - The rumors are true. (Not about Goddard and Michelle. ABout Giles and Ben.) It was cut mainly because the first cut of the show was TWELVE MINUTES LONG! But, also because some people didn’t think anyone would be interested in Giles confessing to killing Ben. Curious what you guys think.

And, by the way, some great stuff got cut out of the ep. Funny, funny Goddard stuff. Ah, if only there was a director’s cut.

Comment: retcon means they are not keeping the character consistant. However, I disagree with him and I think Spike was very in character this episode. You and Drew Goddard did a very great job.

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:25:10 2003) Carita - Same old. But hurry since we may be moving out of our offices in a few weeks.

kathypg, JaClaS - Yeah, I’m not buying into this "retcon" thing either. It’s called insight using back story. Perfectly respectable.

And for Stevenav - I, too, would’ve loved to write a Xander ep. Just wasn’t in the cards.

Question: Can you tell us anything about Angel #21? For I am a big ole spoiler wh*re and I need to know.

Question: how did you make the switch from comedy to drama... I thought TV writing was pretty much one track. (i.e. sitcoms vs. drama, and rare can a writer jump between)...

Question: Hey what’s up? Any plans on what you are doing after BtVS? What are your thoughts on the shows ending?

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:32:56 2003)

BlackMagickBitsy - Yep. That was me pointing for people and saying: "Hey, isn’t that the fabulous Drew Goddard!"

Cece - Sorry. Can’t spoil you. Except to say there’s a shocker ending!!! (THat will no doubt be spoiled on some board by tomorrow.)

eirefaerie - I knew he was a Commie. But a PIE HATER?! God, the man disgusts me. And yellow boots... That was I.

stansbarrier - I was able to make the switch because Joss doesn’t have the pigeonhole mentality that most people in this business have. Good writing is good writing. (And then there’s my writing.) And I wish Nick had more to do, too. But then the show wou’ve been a two-parter.

SlayerQueen - Yes, after Buffy, I’ll be moving over to Executive Produce and write FIREFLY on Fox with Tim and— What? It is? (Crap.)

Question: How eerie is it to written all this stuff about how to win wars and have the episode air during a war. Has the war or Sept. 11 influence y’all in how you write Buffy?

Question: I’m just curious..are you Blues or Rock?

Question: One more question for you: I just saw Firefly Reel Gag. Are there also Buffy/Angel Reel gags?

Comment: I think the line about Giles killing Ben should have stayed in. It would have given Buffy more insight into just how far Giles is willing to go if he thinks he is right. In LMPTM you have Giles as the the person doing the distracting not really doing the dirty work, but we know that he will do it because we know he killed Ben. Also it does bring home the point that Giles tells her to be the General, but at the same time he is only willing to let her be the General if she is doing what he thinks should be done. In the long run he is not willing to let her make her own decisions.

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:39:15 2003) Okay, gang. That’s it for me. Batphone’s ringing.

satansbarrister - I was very aware of what I was writing in this current climate. Didn’t find it eerie as much as resonant.

Dear Mr. Fantasy, Carita - Rock me, baby. Not big on the Blues.

Princess of Darkness - Gag Reels are every year. We show ’em at our wrap parties.

kathypg, bdbdb - Thanks for the "Ben" feedback. I agree with you. But then I’m just a geeky fan like the rest of you.

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:43:13 2003)

Uh... Before the rumors start... I was joking about that space show.

Fury says: (Wed Mar 26 21:45:06 2003)

Okay, really gone now. Thanks for everybody’s feedback. I’ll pass some on to Goddard (while I’m beating him on the golf course.)