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Angel 4x20-21-22 - Spoilers

Saturday 19 April 2003, by Webmaster

Jess PMoon has been posting spoilers for the next Angel episodes on the Buffitas’ spoiler thread. What he/she posted about Magic Bullet was correct, so we’re posting the rest of what Jess said: The one part that will have everyone teasing the show mercilessly about is when Angel and Fred (Angel gets deprogrammed when Fred shoots Jasmine with Angel standing behind her, so the bullet has Jasmine’s blood on it when it hits Angel) realize that they don’t need Jasmine’s blood to deprogram people because they can just use Cordelia’s. Because they have the same blood. It’s Chase blood! Or something. Yeah.

Anyway, that’s why Connor has always been able to see Jasmine’s true (maggoty) face, too — he’s also got the same blood because he’s her father. Yeah. But, growing up in Quortath, he saw worse, and so doesn’t judge people exuding love for their physical appearance. The really tragic part of his story is that he was never truly enthralled. He just wanted to be a part of a family, and Jasmine’s lies seemed so much nicer than everyone else’s. So when he starts to question...ouch. My poor Connor.

So the last scene, with him in his new family just broke my heart, because he finally gets his family, and yes, it’s another lie, but...he’s got people now. Normal people, who love him. And Angel chose it for him, because Angel loves him enough to let him go (blah blah schmoopcakes shut up it made me cry).

There’s another heartbreaking scene in W&H in the finale where Wesley tries to burn Lilah’s contract, to free her, only of course fire doesn’t destroy a W&H contract, and once again, Wesley has failed to save Lilah. Wesley never gets to save anyone. It’s just not fair.

So if they do get a next season, it’s gonna be all "glass and light." Even for Angel, since his new office has "necro-tinted" windows that let him enjoy the sun through them. He’s even got his own elevator.

[Re: Angel going to Sunnydale] It’s both, they’re connected. Basically, Angel accepts W&H’s offer because with it comes the chance to save both Connor and Buffy. Connor gets his normal family, and Angel gets a file marked "Sunnydale" which includes the famous amulet that Spike ends up trapped in the Hellmouth with.

It’s a little vauge in the script, but it’ll probably come off clearer onscreen. (Since Tim’s writing and directing, there seemed to be a lot of, hm, not shorthand, exactly, but things that I’m sure make perfect sense in his head because he can see how he wants to shoot it, only since I’m not in his head, I can’

Last night, I realized why the end of Peace Out felt so familiar to me while I was reading it — it’s exactly like the beginning of The Worthing Saga. By killing Jasmine, Angel causes The Day of Pain. Sure, he got free will for the world out of it, but at such a high cost that the Senior Partners said, wow, why’d we bother trying to corrupt this guy? He’s caused more pain trying to do good than we ever did trying to do evil. Let’s give ’im an office!

Another fantastically painful moment that I’m looking forward to is during the final battle, when Jasmine asks him "Just whose champion did you think you were??" It’s gonna be so beautiful.

[Cordelia] stays in the coma (and it sounds like most of the scenes with Cordy use a body double). After Jasmine realizes that Cordy’s blood can deprogram people, she has her moved to a "safe place." (Not being able to know where Cordy is is what makes Connor first start to doubt that Jasmine Is The One True Way, btw.) After it’s all over, Angel’s W&H deal also includes getting Cordy taken care of. She’s still in the coma, but she’s comfortable, protected, and getting regular pedicures from W&H’s on site salon staff.

Only three episodes left! The only new spoiler this week has to do with the "amulet" Lilah allegedly gives Angel in the Angel finale. According to some, a "champion" must wear the amulet and Angel gives it to Buffy, who in turn gives it to Spike. Of course, there’s that pesky rumor about Joss purposely feeding false tidbits to fans so this may or may not come to pass.

Episode 4-20: "Sacrifice." To escape Jasmine’s and her followers, Angel and the gang hide out in the sewers, where they encounter a band of warrior teens (some of whom Gunn knows from his street days). Wes gets separated from the group and encounters a monster who used to worship Jasmine and it turns out he could prove helpful in taking Jasmine down because he knows that she has a "true name" that holds power over her. The gang eventually find Wes. Meanwhile, Jasmine moves Cordelia out of the hotel and when questioned about it by Connor she says Cordelia is "now where she wants her to be."

Episode 4-21: "Peace Out." Connor’s primary concern still appears to be Cordelia and he finds out from one of Jasmine’s minions where she is being kept and goes to rescue her. (Sources claim that Connor has always known the truth about Jasmine but he stuck with her to be near Cordelia.) Angel visits another dimension and has a chat with a high priest while fighting some sort of demon to get Jasmine’s true name. The high priest complains about Connor, how he never should have existed. Lorne, Wesley, Fred and Gunn are held captive in the hotel’s basement.

Episode 4-22: "Home". So far it continues to look as though Lilah returns with Wolfram & Hart and they attempt to bond with the Fang Gang and get them to work for the firm. According to casting news, "Wolfram and Hart has rebuilt, and they are sending a few recruiters out after the Angel crew. A former Watcher goes after Wes, a sexy but science nerdy guy tries to pull Fred in, a hottie seduces Gunn and a talent scout wants more than singing from Lorne." Other sources claim Lilah is paired up with Angel and Connor is roaming the streets on his own. Angel gets a Sunnydale file and an amulet from Lilah, which he takes with him to Sunnydale. It also appears Cordelia is still in a coma at episode’s end and Connor may get the chance to be a "normal" boy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Episode 7-19: "Empty Places." As Sunnydale’s residents evacuate en masse (including Clem), Faith rallies the demoralized potentials while an emotionally fragile Buffy endures another run-in with Caleb at the school, where he knocks her unconscious. While researching Caleb, the gang finds some info on the symbol and Giles sends Spike and Andrew to the Mission to investigate. Faith takes the SITs to the Bronze and has a run-in with crazed police. Afterwards, Buffy and Faith spar. Back at the house all the SITs, Xander, Giles, Dawn and eventually Willow (though she defends Buffy at first), decide Faith is their new leader. (Spike and Andrew are not back yet). Buffy leaves, depressed.

Who Knew?

After more than a year’s delay, Dark Horse comics confirms the two final issues Fray (eight issues total), from Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, will be released. Look for Issue #7 on April 23rd, and issue #8 on June 18th. Darkness Falls, starring Buffy’s Emma Caulfield, released on DVD April 22nd Where are they now?

Nicolas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has joined the Fox comedy pilot The Pool at Maddy Breakers. The show revolves around three 28-year-old women who struggle with the reality that they peaked in high school. Brendon plays the ex-boyfriend from high school and current friend for one of the women.