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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Very Last Band To Perform In The Bronze

By Jana

Friday 18 April 2003, by Webmaster

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Nerf Herder In Buffy
Steve Playing at The Bronze

Hi Jana,

The episode is called "Empty Spaces" and will air on April 29th as part of the final-four part series. Nerf Herder will be the very last band to perform in the Bronze. Joss decided it would be meaningful to have us on there at the end. It was a blast being there and exploring all the sets. I even brought home a big chunk of the Hellmouth as a souvenir!


For those who may not know who the band Nerf Herder is, I will include some information below.

http://www.nerfherder.net/nerffacts.htm Did you know that Nerf Herder wrote and performed the theme song for the hot youth oriented television show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer? It’s true. During the initial filming of the show, one of the cast members got a hold of Nerf Herder’s debut album, and soon the whole cast and crew was being subjected to Nerf Herder’s music. When show creator Joss Whedon was disappointed by the theme music that the fancy "Professional" Hollywood theme music writer came up with, he asked Nerf Herder to give it a try. Not only did he love the song, but it was cheap, too. And the rest is history.

Steve Playing at The Bronze

To Purchase one of Nerf Herder’s CD’s, (their latest is ’American Cheese’ - it ROCKS!) please visit Flipside Industries at the link below. http://www.punkoff.com/subcatmfgprod.asp?0=217&1=218&2=-1&6=1