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Angel 4x22 Home - Spoilers

Friday 4 April 2003, by Webmaster

- The title is Home.
- In the beginning, Connor is walking thru the LA streets, lost in thought. He comes upon a distraught police officer, who’s nearly suicidal over loosing something (Jasmine?).
- Connor tells the officer he’d feel better if he went home. The officer realizes he has a family and shows Connor a photo. - The officer thanks Connor and walks away. Suddenly Connor viciously attacks him, shouting over and over about how the guy feels now.
- Next, at the hotel, Fred is tending to an injured Angel. Wes is researching something and Gunn talks about needing to find Connor.
- The next part (about six scenes later) finds Angel, Lorne, Wes, Gunn and Fred riding in a limo. They get out at Wolfram & Hart, and Angel is greeted by a large group of W&H lawyers & employees all calling him Mr Angel. Lilah has something to do with the limo. She’s made some sort of offer to make them part of Wolfram & Hart, which somehow is now back in business.
- Shortly following that, the group is talking to Lilah. They’re discussing making some sort of deal and whether or not they can trust her. Angel says to Lilah to get started.
- Each of the gang is paired up with a W&H person.
- A W&H guy named Preston shows Lorne the entertainment department and gives him a folder listing the talent they represent.
- Wes meets an older English guy named Rutherford Hitchcock who’s a former Watcher.
- Lilah introduces Gunn to a supermodel named Lacey.
- Fred goes off with a nerd named Knox who’s head of the science division, after pulling a gun on Lilah.
- Lilah is left with Angel and shows him around.
- In the next scene, Connor is wandering around a shopping center, watching familes.
- Next, Fred is talking to Knox. She asks if he knew Lilah was dead. Knox replies about a memo on it. They go into a huge, high tech, NASA like science lab.
- They pass by a patient who’s awake during open heart surgery yapping on his cellphone after being injected with vampire enzymes.
- Next Gunn is talking to Lacey, trying to figure out why they’re going to so much trouble to impress them and the big coup bringing in Angel. It seems like W&H has plans for all of the Fang Gang, not just Angel.
- Wes goes to the research and library area of W&H. Hitchcock is a former Watcher. Wes asks if they have a particular book (a codex), which appears magically in a blank book. Wes asks if the Council knows he took the only copy of the codex. Hitchcock replies there is no longer a Council, and Wes says not anymore.
- Wes asks about W&H’s files, but only the senior partners have access to those. He asks Hitchcock if he spent any time in the field as a Watcher. He didn’t. Wes punches him. He has some sort of grappling hook gadget that he uses to the floor above.
- Next, Lilah is talking to Angel about giving him anything he wants: money, clothes, women, a juice bar, ect.
- A few scenes later, Angel sees a news report that Connor has taken a bunch of hostages at the shopping center.
- A bit later, Wes and Lilah are talking. She offers to give him all of the W&H files, but he’s only interested in the file on Lilah.
- Next, Connor is holding people hostage in a store. A young girl is crying and her father harshly tells her to shut up. Connor goes after the father, telling him not to say that and that he’s not holding his daughter right.
- Angel comes in and Connor greets him, and asks him if he’s come to see his science project.
- Fred and Knox discuss morality and science. He asks if she’s seeing anyone.
- Gunn and Lacey take a long elevator ride to the White Room. There’s not little evil girl. Lacey disappears. There’s a jaguar.
- Later on, the gang is discussing whether or not they’re in or not. Angel has already accepted the deal. The others accept too.
- Lilah tells them that Cordy is safe and getting the best of care. But she’s still in a coma.
- Angel says he wants to see Connor. Lilah says no, then compromises. She gives Angel the Sunnydale File and an amulet. Then Angel goes off in the limo to find Connor.
- Connor is now at a family’s home in the mountains. It’s an ideal family sitting down for dinner, like the gang in Deep Down. Connor is talking about his very high SAT scores. Angel watches from outside through a window. They toast to family.