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Rob Kral (Composer) & Steven Deknight (Writer) - Bronze Beta

Friday 4 April 2003, by Webmaster

Rob Kral (composer) says: (Thu Apr 3 06:18:58 2003)

Great fun reading all your spoilers on Angel tonight!!

One RIPPER of an episode, was it not?!!!


Rob Kral (composer) says: (Thu Apr 3 07:02:44 2003)

Whilst I do find the spoilers for tonight’s Angel fun, and delight in your delight of DeKnight’s episode....

...the TV viewer’s poll for Monday Night is thus far sadly "Miracles" lacking.

Shame on you !!

LenS: Yes it was. And boy did I LOVE bringing back (spoiler follows) Darla’s theme. My face lit up like a Christmas tree when I first saw her on this episode (I was SO surprized!)

Steve DeKnight says: (Thu Apr 3 07:34:34 2003)

Quick drive by before I pour myself into the warm and snugglies. Hats off to Rob Kral for the great score. Creeeeepy, kids!

Rob Kral (composer) says: (Thu Apr 3 07:37:43 2003)

Tenik (re: sweetslayer’s typing!!!) It’s probable not that, meaning, I don’t think sweetslayer is necessarily hitting enter that often. I mean look how my posts come out, all skinny et. Look how Joss’s posts used to come out, all skinny etc.

It’s probably, well in my case at least (and it used to be in Joss’s case) because I am using Internet Explorer. If I used Netscape it wouldn’t happen. For example, I will let you know when I hit ENTER, until then I’ll hit x...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxENTER xxxxxxx get it? OKAY, nuff bandwidth from me. I have 15 minutes of Angel music to write by FRIDAY noon, so I beter get cracking!!

Rob Kral (composer) says: (Thu Apr 3 07:46:49 2003) GDAY STEVE!!! Congrats on a superb episode tonight. (Hey, DeKnight’s posting now, does that mean I can post more than 4 times per hour?)

I was gonna fly, but had to say Hi to Steve DeKnight!

Ducky: it wasn’t directed at you! Just the Miraclesless poll posters!

Okay gotta go.

Steve DeKnight says: (Thu Apr 3 07:59:33 2003) Gday to the masterful Rob Kral!

I’d love to write back specific posts to each and every one of you like the good old days when I was actually witty, but I’m about to keel over. So a big whompin’ "thank you" for watching my little show. Had tons of help from the massively talented cast and crew. Kudos and big salty tears of thanks.

For those of you who are still confused, much will be explained next week. But not all, ’cause hey — gotta keep you guessing.