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Angel 5x01 Conviction - Full Summary

By Angelfan

Wednesday 24 September 2003

I don’t want to let you suffer and so lets just start with the review (by Angelfan) :

The first episode of the new Angel season, Conviction is finally out ! And believe me friends, this season is gonna kick ass ! Angel, Wes, Gunn, Fred, Lorne and… Spike( !) are back ! ! ! I think most of you already knew that James Masters aka Spike returns from the dead so that you can see him alive (o.k. not really) and kicking again ! But, I don’t wanna be too quick… Conviction starts where Home ended. The FangGang took over Wolfram & Hart and moved from the old hotel into the brand new W&H building (although it now looks a bit different than in Home). Angels son Connor is gone and Cordelia is still in a coma. (in fact Charisma Carpenter is no longer a cast member) In this episode you get to know two new sexy girls : Eve, the new Lilah, who’s the link between Angel and W&H’s senior partners and of course the silly vamp Harmony, who returns to work as Angels secretary. So, although Cordelia left the team, there’s still enough female power in the cast this season !

The plot of this episode is easy to tell, some maniac called Corbin threatens to kill the whole population of California with a virus bomb, he implanted his son. I don’t wanna tell too much about the story itself (watch the episode or reed the wildfeed) but believe me, you won’t be disappointed ! The episode has action, blood, sexy girls, cars, a bad boy and of course a happy end. As you might know, this season is supposed to have a lot more ’Monster of the week’ episodes, after the heavy and long story arc of the last season. I really enjoyed this episode (especially the last few minutes *gg*), so I would give it a B+. Sure, it’s a MOTW, but a good one, and if you like this episode, you will love the rest of the season too ! Of course, most of the fans are just waiting for the one major event of the show : Spikes return. In the last couple of minutes, you see the amulet he used in Buffy’s final episode Chosen. This thing is the key to his return… but I won’t tell more, see it yourself and enjoy it ! ! ! I think the solution Joss and his team found to bring Spike back is great, but you will learn more about this in the next episodes, then you can build your own opinion ! I hope you all have fun with this episode and the new great season !

You want more ? More infos about the whole story ? Then enjoy our wildfeed :

The Episode opens in a dark alley and a woman being chased by a vamp. From the rooftops Angel is watching and following them. The Woman screams for help, Angel jumps down and saves the day, dusting the vamp. Just the moment she’s leaving a group of lawyers from Wolfram and Hart come up. With them : some soldiers and reporters. They came because of Angels report and were there to provide him help, if he even need some, they give the girl forms to fill out to wave liability in her bing saving by Angel C.E.O and president of W & H. The reporters start to ask Angel why he helps people, is he looking for fame ?

Then we see a kid, gradeschool in school in class a trouble maker, named Matthew, his story will be unfold later.

Back in the big W&H Office we can see Fred talking to Wes, she’s raving about the hugeness of her office and carrying a bunch of her junk. Wes offers his help but Fred says no. Knox, another scientist walks up and is allowed to help her with her belongings, Wes seems shocked a little about that and asks Knox : "How long have you been bad ?" Fred and Knox leave as Gunn appears to show Wes their offices, both nice with a nice view. Lorne is fitting right in with the vibe of the office, complete with an assistant with carpet swatches.

Angel shows up, not really interessted in their offices, he goes straight into his office only to find Eve sitting behind his desk. She introduces herself as a liason to him and the senior partners... to make a joke she tosses him an apple. Eve also flirts with him and trys to get through him with her Lolita-charme, but Angel stays cool. She says most of their clients are evil, and that he’s supposed to keep them happy because that will be the only way to keep them in check. Later we can see them in a huge conference room where they go through the files of all the bad guys. They find a winner- Corbin Fries, on trial for smuggling Asian girls for cheap labor and prostitution... drugs etc. It also seems to be necessary to check their whole staff (of vamps) to see who’s with/against them.

Eve later tells Gunn that the senior partners have choosen him for something special and he only needs to say a word when he’s ready. When Angel calls to his assistant ist - big suprise - Harmony... yes, we remember Harmony, she’s a vamp and eager to please him, when he threatens to kill her. She tells us Wes has hired her, a familar face should be helpful in this atmosphere. Harmony also thinks she’s perfect for this job because she ’s awake at the same odd time Angel is, she’s sexy, good in typing and preparing blood. When she mentions Cordy, they brush it off, letting her know Cordy is in a coma.

Wes mentions the Corbin Fries trial to Angel and we all can see what an evil person he is. Corbin enters the office with W&H lawyer Desmond Keel. He admits his guilt but wants Angel to get him off anyway. If Angel doesn’t, he’ll release a bomb able to kill all citizens of California.

Lorne starts to check the company for potential bad blood by making everyone sing, while Gunn visits a creepy looking doctor’s office. Angel and Wes discuss the bomb, they think it hasn’t to be one of the usual kind ... it’s activated when Corbin says a magical word. Maybe this bomb would release some sort of virus. They realize Corbin will release the bomb if/when he loses his trial.. they get Lorne to sit in on the trial and keep them posted on how they’re doing for time while they look to find and quarantine the bomb. Harmony let them know about Spanky a freelance mystic who’s done some work for Corbin.

Angel, selecting form his small fleet of expensive cars, get ready to head over to Spanky’s when Hauser, a lawyer, stops him, saying its his job to do such "wetwork." "Fieldwork" Angel corrects him, and continues on his venture alone. Spanky is in his 50s, a muscle man past his prime with a weird S & M fetish. Angel doesn’t need long to get the information from Spanky - he built Corbin a container to house the bomb til the magic word dissolves it. When he then tries to choke/suffocate Angel he has to discover that vampires don’t breath, so it end up bad for the poor Spanky.

Fred and Knox continue to do research, she realizes the virus in the bomb is called "The Black Tomorrow" Now they just need to find out where its hidden. Again, the boy from the beginning of the episode can be seen... Hmm... They realize this will be tricking, seeing as how they dont know what strain of Corbins viruses they’re looking for, and even still don’t know the magic word. They think about killing him, but they realize the fact that that may trigger the bomb too.

Angel sits in his office, distrught that Corbin has chosen to hide the virus bomb in his son (Matthew, the boy from the opening) Eve says maybe this is too hard for him because of the things happen to Connor. But its obvious Connor is not someone he wants to discuss. He decides he needs to isolate the boy. Eve : "Newsflash, if every case hits you this hard, you’re not gonna last a week."

Knox, Fred and some other techs continue to work out the sciencey details, while at the trial it seems the judge is mocking Keel and Corbins case. Lorne tells Angel he has some time, but not alone. Hauser and an Ops guy are able to hear this and go on their way to kill the kid.

Angel comes back to his office where Harmony tells him the Ops guys are already at the school. He’ll never make it ! ...or will he ? When the ops guys arrive at the school, Angel is already there waiting for them, another perk- a free helicopter. By this time he’s already isolated the boy and the fight ensues. The ops guys with their guns, and Angel in vampface.

Meanwhile in court the case is suffering until BAM Gunn walks through the door saying Corbin needs another attorney. He’s all law now. He says they move for a mistrial because the judge is some hoe distantly financially connected to W & H.

At the school the final show down is about to rise, Hauser tells Angel he’s a fairy, and he lacks the most powerful thing in the world- conviction. Angel thinks about this, and says there’s only one thing more powerful than conviction- mercy. He holds his shot gun to Hauser’s chin. BAM. Bloody end. The other guy asks Angel what happened to mercy, Angel : "You just saw the last of it."

Later, back at the office, the gang discusses Gunn’s new found law expertise. Angel then opens an envelope from his desk (delivered to him at the top of the show by Fred) and a familiar amulet falls out, onto the floor. The amulet spins ad swirls which turns into a screaming burning Spike.