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Art of being : james marsters - Season 5 Spoilers

Wednesday 24 September 2003, by Webmaster

Do The Light Thing "So far, season five has been great! I get to prance around and act like a jerk and I don’t really have to care about anyone’s feelings. I think that’s the direction Spike is headed and hopefully, he won’t have to have his heart ripped out like he did with Buffy."

Que Sarah, Sarah "Sarah and I have talked a couple of times about her joining us again. She’s into it. So, hopefully, if her schedule permits, she’ll come over to the show and Dave and I can fight over her!"

Peace, Love & Harmony "I don’t think there’s any male member of the cast and crew who is sorry that Harmony is back! Beyond that, I guess it’s an open field. Personally, I think it will be a little weird if Spike hooks up too quickly."

Hot Ticket "I recently did a movie based on a West End London play. It was a romp. These two fugitives break into a the home of a couple and everyone has sex and dies. I wasn’t a fugitive. I actually play a guy who can’t fight at all. It was really refreshing."