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Angel 5x09-10-11-12 - Promotional Video Summary

Thursday 1 January 2004, by Webmaster

WB just showed a promo for the next few episodes of Angel.
It had Cordy in it,and Fred putting on gloves and everyone screaming out to Spike "You’re human!" and some other scenes.
They said something about the 100th episode with "100" on the screen.

The beginning of the promo is cut off in the clip but from there on here it is...

The announcer says "With all new episodes"

Scene of someone punching Spike,scene of a brunette screaming can’t tell if its Cordy or Fred but I think Wes is standing behind her.

Scene of Spike standing up looking like he’s in fight mode in a alley.

Scene of Angel looking all broody in bed(I think his shirt is open,that should please you ladies) and on the screen it says all new in 2 weeks.

Scene of Fred in a red blouse putting on a latex/surgical glove.

Announcer says "Two Champions"

Scene of Spike turning around in slow mo while some guy flies on top of a car behind him,I guess he punched or threw the guy on the car?

Scene of Angel(and crew) from Long Days Journey entering Connor’s apartment ready for battle.

Announcer says "One Prize"

Scene of someone’s hands holding a book.

Scene of Angel looking up looking all broody intermixed with a voice over of Fred saying "You’re human,You’re alive!" switching into a scene of Spike bathed in a room full of light surrounded by a bunch of people (I can make out Fred and Wes amongst the people)

Announcer says "plus the 100th episode" with 100th episode in letters on the screen

Scene of a bed with the camera doing weird angles on it leading up to Cordy’s sleeping face and her opening her eyes and gasping.

Announcer says "Cordelia returns"

And then the Angel logo on the skyline and the announcer says it returns in 2 weeks on The WB wednesday night.

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