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’Angel’s’ Sarah Thompson Just Wants to Sing

Thursday 1 January 2004

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Although he did a musical episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," writer/producer Joss Whedon has shown no interest in doing the same on its spin-off, The WB’s "Angel," which stars David Boreanaz as a vampire with a soul seeking redemption by doing good. One cast member that wishes Whedon would reconsider is Sarah Thompson, who joined "Angel" this season in the recurring role of Eve, a young woman with mysterious links to dark forces.

"I’d like to sing on the show," she says, "because I’m a singer. I grew up doing musical theater."

Not that there hasn’t been singing from time to time on "Angel." Assorted people have warbled — including Angel, who has a penchant for Barry Manilow songs — for the mind-reading demon Lorne (Andy Hallett), himself a Vegas-style lounge singer. Christian Kane, who recently returned to the role of the evil lawyer Lindsey, sang a song in Lorne’s club in one episode — a tune written by series co-creator David Greenwalt. And there’s plenty of talent to go around. Besides Hallett, an accomplished performer, and Kane (who has his own Southern rock band, Kane), there’s James Marsters, who plays vampire Spike. He also has a band, Ghost of the Robot, and showed off his vocal prowess in the "Buffy" musical.

"I haven’t told Joss [that I sing]," Thompson says. "I want to tell him. I figure, with Lorne’s character, they could somehow work it in. You know how he can read people’s minds if they sing? Maybe he could do that to me to get information out of Eve."

After garnering attention as Dana Poole on FOX’s high-school drama "Boston Public," Thompson suddenly finds herself with two series at once. Along with her job on "Angel," she also has a recurring role as the hooker Bambi on the ABC drama "Line of Fire."

"It’s cool," she says. ’You go for months without working, doing a little thing here or there, then you get two jobs at once."

On "Angel," Eve is romancing Lindsey, her partner in some unspecified evil plot, and on "Line of Fire," she’s involved with a hunky FBI undercover agent, played by Anson Mount.

"I’ve got my own wonderful guy at home," Thompson says, "but working with them makes the day go by smoother."

Thompson even found herself keeping a big "Angel" secret. In the last original episode that aired, "Destiny," Kane’s return as Lindsey — who left "Angel" a couple of seasons ago — was only revealed in the last moment of the final scene.

"I didn’t know about it until the last minute," Thompson says. "It wasn’t in the original script. It was a secret scene. I heard rumors there were going to be a big reveal, but I didn’t know what was going to happen. David Boreanaz was like, ’Maybe you’re going to turn out to be a lizard.’ Everyone was throwing up crazy ideas.

"So finally, one day, an envelope arrives in my trailer. It’s confidential, and I open it. It’s the secret scene, for your eyes only, don’t let anyone know. I wanted to tell people, tell my friends, my boyfriend, ’I’m evil!’ but I couldn’t. I had to keep my mouth shut."

Although she’s been shuttling back and forth between shows, Thompson says she doesn’t get confused. "I’m focused on wherever I am. When I’m working on ’Angel,’ I’m not thinking about the other show, and vice versa."

She’s had love scenes on both shows (including a magic-induced romp with Angel), but Thompson still has one wish: "A fight scene?"

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