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"Angel" Tv Series - 5x09 "Harm’s Way" - Casting Sides

Friday 17 October 2003, by Webmaster

The sides are called Sahvrin and Van. I’m reading Sahvrin first so here goes :

Harmony/Crystal’s point of view, she’s watching Angel and Gunn meet with the two daemon clans. The Vinji’s are an all female daemon clan, very pretty. The Sahvrins are all ugly. Harm/Crystal hides behind a pillar to listen to them.

The Savrin leader says Angel is lying about something. Gunn tells Angel it might not be such a good idea to vow to find Dupree’s killer. Both daemon clans get upset and start demanding a blood sacrifice from Angel. Then all of a sudden.........A body crashes through the window and dusts and Spike ! ! comes in and says he didn’t mean to do that yet. This satisfies both daemon clans.

Harm/Crystal walks away from Angel in deep trouble. She then goes and finds Van taking the thermos of blood out of the refrigerator. She tells him he’s trying to get rid of it because it’’s got his fingerprints all over it. She accuses him of filling it with human blood and setting her up. Van denies it and she further accuses him of murdering a guy and putting him in her bed ! Harm/Crystal vamps and tells Van he is going to confess. And he begs her not to kill him. End of Side.