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Angel 5x17 Underneath - Herc’s Review

By Herc

Thursday 15 April 2004, by cally

Herc Gives ANGEL 5.17 Five Stars!! I am - Hercules!!

Angel 5.17 FAQ What’s it called? “Underneath.”

Who’s responsible? Teleplay is credited to Sarah Fain and Liz Craft (“Harm’s Way”).

When was the last time we saw a new “Angel”? March 3. Knox died, and there was a flashback to Winifred leaving for California. The first episode of “Wonderfalls” was still nine days in the future!

What did Coax say about this one way back on Feb. 10? “Those thinking that Lindsey was out of the running as ‘Angel’s’ fifth-season big bad were almost certainly right. After Fred is killed, Team Angel decides it needs to recruit someone who might know more than they do about the senior partners. So guess whom they rescue from a Wolfram-engineered purgatory?”

What does TV Guide say? “While protecting Eve from a bounty hunter (Adam Baldwin), Angel grills her for info on the Senior Partners’ plans and learns that an exiled Lindsey may have all the answers. But first the gang must save him from the torture dimension he currently occupies. Meanwhile, Wes gets to know Illyria better. Lindsey: Christian Kane. Eve: Sarah Thompson.”

Adam Baldwin (of “Firefly” fame) plays a bounty hunter? Wasn’t he supposed to be Team Angel’s new liaison to the senior partners? He’s the new liason! I’ve little idea where TV Guide gets this "bounty hunter" business.

The big news? This is easily the best thing Fain & Craft have cobbled together. It may be the best thing they ever do in their lives. Prepare to worship at their dainty TV-scribe toes.

What else is TV Guide not telling us? You need to tape or TiVo or transcribe this episode. The DVD will never arrive soon enough.

How goes Wes’ bonding with Illyria? Does she make him reach for his hanky? Not literally.

What’s doing with Spike? James Marsters confirms his god-like status. I’m not certain he’s had more to work with since bolting the Buffster.

Did we ever find out why TV Guide called Lindsey “Sean” a few weeks ago? No. This will forever remain a mystery, much like the reason TV Guide described “Buffy’s” evil god Glory as a time-traveler.

What’s doing with Krevlornswath? Did his badass self carry a sell-by date? Lorne is all kinds of badass this week, in an entirely different way that you’d expect.

Does Amy Acker still look like Fred in the title credits? Like Fred. But also like Illyria. And after seven years of hard work, the increasingly fabulous Mercedes McNab finally achieves regular staus in the Buffiverse. Is all this new? Because I was in the bathroom during the title sequence in 5.16.

What’s great? Spike. Krev. Gunn. Wes. Fred. Harmony. Eve. Hamilton. Lindsey. Angel. The Baldwin’s arrival. The ice-cream vendor with the semiautomatic. "Angel’s Avengers? That’s..." "Beady little rat-snake?" "What I know is I started drinking the moment I found out that a girl I loved was going to die." "Okay, but you know how that never works?" “One world with nothing but shrimp.” “He is well-dressed.” “Didn’t see that coming.” “He’s not so bad!” “I was God to a god.” “Don’t flatter yourself.” “You still happy to see me?” So so so much more.

What’s not so great? There ain’t nothing not great in this honey. It’s “Kill Bill Vol. 2” great. It’s “Buffy” great. I say, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” great. All of which is saying something! I may have lied about “Gilmore Girls” being the best show in production!

How does it end, spoiler-boy? “I kinda need it now.”

Herc’s rating for “Angel” 5.17? ***** The Hercules T. Strong Rating System: ***** better than we deserve **** better than most motion pictures *** actually worth your valuable time ** as horrible as most stuff on TV * makes you quietly pray for bulletins

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  • > Angel 5x17 Underneath - Herc’s Review

    16 April 2004 07:40, by Wolverine68

    Cheers for the rating, given to one of my top episode of the season.

    Writttes Fain & craft have came a long way since "shinny Happy People" & Harm’s Way." I tell you honesty, when I saw they wrote last night’s episode, I was not that excited, but it was god. I was never so glad to be wrong, lol.

    As for why TV guide called Adam Baldwin’s character a Bouty Hunter, rather then the ne Liason. Well you know how TV (& movies) are you hype soemthing a certian way. What do think sells more, a new Liason comes to Wolfram & Hart, or a bounty hunter comes looking for Eve? Be honest, the later right?

    I was glad & suprised to see the opening credits changed. At 1st I thought, it was doen because Acker’s character has changed, but then I saw Mecedes McNab added. Well congrads to her, after 7.5 years it’s about time.

    Joss Whedon did the same thing last year for Andy Hallet. When the WB made the 1st attempt to cancel Angel, Joss told Hallet he would add his name on the credits, just in case the show does not get renewed. (My guess is Harmoney would have been a bigger part of the picture next year.)