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Angel 5x17 Untitled - New Spoilers

Tuesday 3 February 2004, by Webmaster

Act 4 starts with Eve and a person named Hamilton at night in the garage of W&H. She backs away when he approaches her and asks him not to do this. Angel, with a sword in his hand, and Spike also advance the two, while Lindsey’s on the ground, looking feral. Angel says to Hamilton that Eve is under his protection, and Hamilton can’t touch her.

He reaches into his jacket pocket and everyone expects a gun - instead it’s an expensive pen and looms over Eve. She says, he could talk to the Senior Partners; tell them that it’s a mistake. Angel still tries to protect Eve but then Hamilton reaches into his jacket again and pulls out a contract. Eve tells Angel that it’s over now and signs it. Angel’s a little confused and wants to know what’s going on. Then Hamilton introduces himself as Angel’s new liaison to the Senior Partners, Edward Hamilton. Further he explains, that Eve not only signed over her immortality and certain other privileges to him but also her duties.

Angel is surprised that it was just about a contract but she says that it’s not just the contract but that now she’s going to die someday and will get gray hair. Hamilton continues that the Senior Partners thought that it was time for a change, since Eve was too easily distracted and didn’t see the big picture anymore. Eve defends herself that she fell in love. Hamilton looks at Lindsey and congratulates her. He says that they’ll be in touch and that he has some excellent ideas. Angel doesn’t like it and tells him that it’s his company and the only ideas that matter are his. Hamilton agrees, still unfazed, and says that the Senior Partners are 100 percent behind Angel, which he doubts. Before Hamilton disappears into the elevator, he says that he looks forward to working with them and welcomes Spike to the team. (When he is gone, Lorne says something, however the passage in the text is unfortunately unreadable.)

The next scene begins on a roof with Wesley and Illyria, who look down at the city. She doesn’t seem too happy about her vulnerability but has calmed down. Wesley asks if she’s alright.