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Angel 5x18 Untitled - Sides Summary

By Redqueen

Friday 13 February 2004, by Webmaster

Ep. 18 Sides Summary

Wesley enters and is wondering what the hell is going on (something must have just happened.) He sits at his desk, then after thinking picks up the phone and asks for everything he can get on Cyrus Vail

We cut to Cyrus Vail’s Palace. Cyrus is an ancient demon, wrinkled and red. His palace is shadowy and red.

He sits in a sort of half-throne, half-hospital bed with lots of tubes hooked into him. He slowly pulls them out. Then a demon warrior comes crashing in, followed by Angel, who is pretty pissed off.

Vail continues what he is doing and asks if Angel killed all his gaurds. Angel says he killed all the ones he could find. Vail says he wasn’t trying to kill Angel’s son, he just needed him to know what he can do. Angel wonders how Vail knows about Connor, and Vail answers that he built him.

Back to Wes, who is looking through a bunch of files about Vail (Lorne is there also). Vail oversaw all the West Coast magical players. Wesley says there was some sort of shift in reality.....and then stops.Lorne asks him what it is. Wesley says it happened on the day they took over W&H.

Back to Vail’s Palace. Vail is putting a new tube into his arm. He looks like he’s trying to stand and says that normally one of his servants would help him (if Angel hadn’t killed them all.) Angel walks over as though to help but instead rips out the tube and slams him against the rack all the tubes are connected to.

Mr. Vail tells Angel that when Connor was 5 he got lost at a department store and it scared him half to death. He explains to Angel that though it never happened Connor remembers it happening. Mr. Vail built Connor’s false memories, some of his best work.

Angel asks Vail what he wants. Vail says he needs a demon dead. A demon named SAHJAHN (!!!!!) Angel says he’s gone, locked away in an urn (which we then see sitting on Mr. Vail’s shelf). Being trapped in an urn isn’t final enough for Mr. Vail.

Vail asks Angel if he knows what an “Orlon Window” is. Apparently it’s a spell that allows warlocks to see the past as it once was (the spell is cast on a box that you can look into.) However, if it were to break near someone whose mind had been altered all their memories would come back.

Angel takes a step toward Vail and he asks if Angel is certain he can kill him before he takes away the happy life he created for Connor. He tells Angel that as the man who built his son, he would not be a good enemy to have.

Angel says he will kill Sahjan. But there is a problem, Vail says. There is a prophecy and only one person can kill Sahjhan.........Connor.

Vail says the problem is that he made Angel’s son a healthy boy, and now he needs Angel to make him back into a killer.

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