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Angel Season 4 DVD in the Fall, Fox says

Friday 13 February 2004, by Webmaster

S4 in the Fall, Fox says
Posted by David Lambert

All right, all right..."Uncle" we say!

Fox Home Entertainment likes to include in their TV-DVD releases a card that promotes the next season release of the show you just purchased. In the beginning, these tended to be rather specific and name a month.

More and more, Fox has been naming a season, instead (i.e., "Fall" or "Summer"). There’s a solid logic behind that change, too: release dates can *change*. Just ask Buffy, whose card about Season 6 said "May", then Fox changed it to July 6th, and then they changed it back to May (25th).

So when Buffy’s friend Angel got an insert that went to naming a season, and not a month, we weren’t too surprised here. And with that change, Gord and I had thought that we weren’t going to report on these anymore, because a season is such a general timeframe, and it can still be altered of course.

But so many of you have written in, urging us to post about these, that we must surrender, and bow to the will of our readers! Okay, okay...we’ll keep reporting on these. Here’s the insert card from the third season box of Angel:

As you can see (but only if you have your extra-thick glasses on), Angel - Season 4 willl hit DVD in Fall 2004.

We would guess September, since it was the ninth month of last year that the second season hit, and these seem to be following a six-month pattern. Stay tuned, and we’ll get you all the information we can just as soon as we can dig it up from Fox!

Our thanks to the jillions of fans who wrote in to tell us or ask us about this!