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Angel 5x22 "Not Fade Away" - Vincent Kartheiser explains why he came back

Wednesday 27 July 2005, by Webmaster

The latest issue of Buffy/Angel Magazine is available in all Newsstands & Book Stores from July 26th which features Michelle Trachtenberg on the cover.

On returning one last time in “Not Fade Away” :

“I think they just wanted to tie everything together in that last Apocalyptic thing, and so they asked me to come back again. I was very grateful and it was fun to be there around the time when everyone was wrapping everything up. It was nice to be there with the crew and the cast. They seemed really at peace with everything that was happening. The show had a long enough run, that I think people really felt they had learned and gotten an opportunity to really play their characters, so it wasn’t bad closure.”

On Connor’s role in the show :

“I really feel like the series was always about Angel. It was always his story. You have to know what you are a part of. It’s not important just to be aware of your character, but also to be aware of the story the writers are telling and how you fit into that. I think the way they wanted to tell Angel’s story, especially that last season, that was my role.”

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