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Angel Kristin Spoilers

By Kristin

Tuesday 8 April 2003, by Webmaster

From park450: Will Vincent Karthesier come back for a fifth season of Angel? Yes. If there is a fifth season.

From jenniemac: What’s going to happen with Jasmine on Angel? Is she really the big bad? All signs point to yes—Jazzy’s about to cause a whole world of brainwashing badness. The only person who doesn’t fall under her charms is Fred. (Angel and Connor go under the spell, dedicating a "Mandy"-esque tune to their new goddess. Love it.) Luckily for her, Fred figures out how to break the spell and get her peeps back to their senses.

From missbanshee: I’ll try till my fingers fall off...Is James Marsters still going to Angel? Nothing is final yet, but he definitely wants to.