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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Plans a Big Death

By Kristin

Tuesday 8 April 2003, by Webmaster

From larrypigtails: Anything on Buffy? Everything on Buffy. At least, everything on the finale. Whatcha wanna know? I can’t spill everything, because you’d have no reason to watch, but I will do what I can...

From rene_artois: Without naming names, can you tell us if someone dies in the Buffy finale? Yes. Someone dies to save Andrew’s life. After that person is gone, Andrew says, "I can’t believe BLANK died to save my life." And another Scooby says, "Yeah, BLANK was always doing stupid things."

From the_groosalugg: Why do I have the feeling that Spike is going to die? Apparently, a lot of people are getting that "feeling" from another spoiler site. But I hear he does not die...he disappears. It is another Scooby who will bite the dust. Guesses?

From kelrose: Does Buffy die, again? No.

From tls20017: Is Buffy’s filming done forever? Not until next week. I just spoke to Marti Noxon, and David Boreanaz (yee-hee!) had just arrived on set.

From jnila: Do you think Buffy dies a third time or gets sucked into the Hellmouth? As I said, she’s not going to die. But regarding the Hellmouth, I hear Sunnydale might be called Suckydale by the time the finale is over.

From beckygene: What is up with Amber Benson? Will she return for the Buffy finale? No, she won’t. Noxon, Buffy’s exec producer, tells me that they wanted to get her back, but she declined. You can check out what Amber has been up to right here.

From surfchicklet86: Can you tell me if death is in the future for any major characters on Buffy? Yes, someone dies and it is not Buffy, and it is not Spike, and they do it to save Andrew.

From the_groosalugg: No fair. You said you knew everything about the Buffy finale and to ask you questions. I wanna know why Angel goes to Sunnydale, but you won’t answer. Tease! Hey, I already answered two of yours! I give, and I give, and I give, and I throw my hands up in despair, and I, sadly, am not allowed to say anything specific about the Angel storyline. Sorry. But I can tell you that the whole group works together to save the world—though they might not save Sunnydale.