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Angel Magazine #2 has landed !

By San

Thursday 4 September 2003, by Webmaster

And is out at newsagents now!

Whether you prefer Buffy or Angel, Titan Publishing has got it covered! The official Angel Magazine will take you deep into the vamp-filled heart of LA, introducing you to ALL the stars and giving you a look at some sides of the show you’d never get to hear about otherwise. This issue is pretty darn good, and the words on everyone’s lips seem to be ’Season Five"...


That’s right, Angel Season Five is upon us, and this is the issue where we’ll be getting a lot of the facts straight about exactly what we can expect from the next thrilling instalment, as well as indulging in all the rumours. After all, it’s all so exciting - so why not? Plus, there’s news on the new cast, the returning cast, and what’s planned even further down the line. Gimme 5!


Just what does the future hold for Wesley Wyndam-Pryce? In our exclusive interview, we catch up with Alexis for a chat about the latest developments in Angel and reveal his thoughts on the character he has portrayed for the past five years...


A change is as good as a holiday, or so they say. If this is true then we are sure in for a treat in Angel Season Five! With key cast members leaving, Angel Investigations moving to the Wolfram & Hart offices and a certain blond British vamp joining the offices, it seems nothing will be the same again. Except, of course, the fact that Angel is the best show on television! We get the official updates from Jeff Bell - Angel’s executive producer, writer, director and show runner.

10 things you never knew about James Marsters Prepare to be shocked as Angel Magazine fills you in on 10 things you never knew about James Marsters! One thing’s for certain - he’s not the brazen blond Brit you thought he was!


The hilarious Mark Lutz took some time out from the recent Angel convention in Blackpool to chat with Angel Magazine about what it is like to be the man who possibly ruined Cordy and Angel’s budding romance. He also reveals what he thinks of the show, what it’s like playing the Groosalugg and, of course, what lies ahead...

Also in issue #2... City of Angel Guide - We reveal the best Angel locations! NEWS! We chat with Mercedes McNab on Harmony’s return!

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! If you’re not already subscribing you’re missing out on discounted issues, free delivery, and peace of mind that you’ll get Angel Magazine before all your mates - as soon as it’s printed. So what are you waiting for? Call the number now and join the club: 01536 764 646.


Don’t forget, Buffy Magazine #51 is also out now. Including Tom Lenk (a.k.a. Andrew) and a feature on the people who make the monsters for Buffy and Angel!