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From Tv Guide Magazine May 16 2004


Angel Season Finale - Goodbye Angel Tv Guide Article

From Buffy.nu - Scan by Joey

Monday 10 May 2004, by Webmaster

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  • Whedon wasn’t there because of a previous commitment? Geez! Guess he only cries for Ali and Alexis and the cast of Serenity Fly. He has his friends, his enemies and eh for the rest,i.e., he sure has his favorites.
  • Sounds like David is pulling a Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • Totally agree with you on the David pulling a SMG I think James is the only one looking forward to more. He sure is truly committed. If only Joss would go ’hey we need a Spike spin-off’ he would create another phenomenon.
  • I cud c that being incredibly successful!!! A LOT of people wud watch that, me included!!!
  • Funny - JM seems like the one most interested in the Save Angel campaign and he also seems like the one most likely to get more work after Angel is over - he’s a great actor!!! I wish him and the rest of the cast luck in their careers!
  • > Angel Season Finale - Goodbye Angel Tv Guide Article

    20 May 2004 16:56, by DavidBoreanaz4ever!!
    Maybe James is so interested in saving it because it was his 1st big job & he’s unsure of his future......
  • > Angel Season Finale - Goodbye Angel Tv Guide Article

    21 May 2004 08:58, by Wolverine68

    No Spike spinoff. Can we be creative, and do something different? Or have we lost all sense of originality.

    The only good options I see open are movie, this Ripper thing, or maybe a Connor spinoff.

  • errr interesting, ’Angel’ was James’ 1st big job??? Huh?

    Soooo... He only had a minor role in Buffy then? (5 out of the 7 seasons) Plus a brief appearance in Angel before..(not to mention the films/theatre, and his band GOTR) Plus Books on CD - I feel James could have a great future without Angel...However

    I have to agree...Would love to see Spike spin off.... : )