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Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

By RavenU

Wednesday 28 April 2004, by Webmaster

Reply to the article First ANGEL TV Movie May Hit in September

I saw Mercedes McNab this past weekend at a convention and she said none of the cast has heard about doing a movie, and they think it is a hoax that the WB is pulling on the fans to placate them and to get them to keep watching the WB next season.

So if the movie was really going to happen in Sept you think they would be in contract negociations with the actors about it at this time and they would have heard something. If they were going to be airing in Sept they would have to be filming it in June or July, which means contracts would have to be done now at the latest, since that’s not happening I don’t see this happening.

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  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    28 April 2004 12:41, by seth
    ok definatly thinking thats true cause why would james go and do somthing so.. radical if he had to play spike and he even said it on the ryan seacrest show that spike was laid to rest (lol) and he wasnt getting asked for any roles other then vamps and druggies.. also if james wouldnt know or mention about the movie plus actions taken (no more blondie in blondie bear) how can they do a movie. its the whole angel buffy thing in the movie.. they have to have spike...
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    28 April 2004 16:01, by norman
    i agree, i think the buffy universe is definately over at least for a year or two..........
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    28 April 2004 20:27, by Anonymous
    He could just put a wig on...
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    29 April 2004 05:27, by Anonymous
    It’s things like this that make me hate WB, and television networks in general. I’m not watching next season, I figure if the TV movies are going to happen I’ll read about it on the internet or somewhere else in time but other then that no more WB. Canceling the show sucks but spreading rumors just to keep the fans watching and hopeing just shows that they realing couldn’t care less about their viewers.
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    30 April 2004 04:45, by Wolverine68
    I wasn’t going to watch the WB anymore anyway. What else do they really have?
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    2 May 2004 01:45, by judy-Canada
    I think the wb has made losts of Angel fans upset and we’re true to Angel no more wb except for Angel movie for me and my friends....
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    3 May 2004 05:46, by Wolverine68

    You know, I just had a thoght.

    This may not be the doing of The WB at all. It may be Joss Whedon.

    The WB originally stated this would be the last year of the Angel series,, but they would like to do a series of movies to give closure to the fans.

    However Joss said it is to soon to think about that, because he has no idea what people will be doing next year. It is unfair to sign people to do this, when they may want other jobs.

    Now we find out Joss is planning a Buffy movie. After all his love is the idea of the girl with super powers. And it was never his idea to end the show, that was only cause Geller wanted to do other things.

    We need to tell Joss we want this set of movies. Even if The WB is not intrested, I’m sure some other network would pick it up.

    Doing a Buffy movie is fine. But he should be concentrating on what needs closure. Rather then personal desires.

  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    4 May 2004 16:40, by ndh64
    I couldn’t agree more. I wont be watching any more WB (except for Charmed)They have nothing else I feel is worth watching. I really can’t undertsand why they are canceling the show.They really need to let the fans know why without the vague statements they seem to be so fond of. The Press Release makes no sense to me. What does the ending of the shows Frasier or Friends have to do with ending Angel?

    See online : Press Release: Important News About Angel

  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    5 May 2004 07:48, by Anonymous

    Wolverine68, Joss Whedon wanted to end Buffy last year. He was tired of it. He told in an interview,(that you’ll probably find by searching around buffy.nu)last year, that he wanted to end it, before he started hating it. He was tired. He says that’s his reasons for ending Buffy. He tells in the interview that HE ended Buffy, not no one else. That HE did, because he was tired. He was more involved on Buffy than on Angel, and you couldn’t blame him being tired...But he’s the one who ended the series, not any of the actors or etc.

    About the Buffy movie. Sarah Michelle Gellar now says if the script is right, she’ll do it. Nicholas Brendon said that Joss Whedon has a plan for a Buffy movie already planned out. And Emma Caulfield says the same things.

  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    5 May 2004 19:57, by foxy76
    from my point of view, the wb is just making very bad promotion for themselves, as they keep rumours of the show or movies or whatever alive and by lame press releases, which nobody can really believe. the fans deserve to know, if it is all over now, and if yes, WHY??? for years they have lived from the attention they got from angel/buffy and i think it is very unfair to the millions of fans around the globe, to play with their passion, devotion and love for the show in such a way...
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    7 May 2004 22:20, by Ryan
    I’m not surprised...sad to say... because look at all the networks now days it’s becoming a non stop "Reality TV" Crap fest..every one of them just a derivation of another..the reason,as I understand it is because it’s CHEAPER! man! talk about greed! Good shows and ideas get very little chance and "Old Veterans"(Buffy,Angel,ETC) get tossed like last weeks garbage! I know I am pissed and if the above IS true then I am NEVER watching WB again..even if I DO like "Smallville" in fact..I wonder if anyone has thought about a whole Boycott WB idea in protest..I bet if their ratings fell enough it would maybe cause some thought? Nah! who am I kidding?
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    2 June 2004 20:48, by Angelus
    How can they do a movie if the characters die? And it’s THE apacolyps! Not AN, THE apacolyps
  • > Angel September TV Movie is a HOAX !?!

    7 July 2004 07:38, by Anonymous
    James Masters was on Rove Live (Australia) yesterday and said Jess approached him with the idea of a tv movie. It seems to be 4 TV movies each centered around different characters, JM’s being centered around Spike obviously. Read a transcript of the interview here:

    See online : James Masters on Rove Live