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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #37 - Questions & Answers

Saturday 18 February 2006, by Webmaster

Here’s Ask Diamond #37...

Is it possible to ever see more figures from "The Wish"?

Ever is a very long time - so maybe...

Is it even possible to see Puppet Angel, Battle Damaged Puppet Angel and Vampire Puppet Angel in scale with the 6" figures?

That is not currently possible with the licenses we have, so it’s a pretty slim chance.

How much longer till the Library?

Still looking like May.

Is there ever the possibility of getting potentials in the future?


If Palisades Toys truly decides to discontinue their Buffy PALZ and long awaited Angel PALZ lines, would DST pursue the license to manufacture "mini-figures" of the BTVS universe? If so, would DST make an effort to continue the Palisades PALZ line (starting with Series 3 and continue the same design) or would the company start over with a Mini-Mates style line?

Palisades is no longer in business and DST has no interest in doing any mini-figure that are not Minimates, so if we were to consider ANY license, it would be to release it as Minimates.

We’ve heard rumors that no one has picked up Primeval Buffy yet as an exclusive. A lot of us really want this figure. Will we still be seeing her with the rest of the Buffy/Dawn wave?

Primeval Buffy will be released.

Since it is now official that Tara will be made into Bust form, will she get the same treatment as the figures, or will she have two completely different-sculpt busts?

We’re only planning on one Tara bust.

Will DST ever consider doing figures based off any of the comic stories?

That’s not in our current license.

Will the deluxe line have any two packs?

We’ll have to see. We’re not opposed to that.

Will you reduce the size of the Boxset Dawn?

Dawn is taller than her sister and mother.

If Glory sells well will more Big Bads be released?

I suppose if sales blew us away we might re-look at our plans, but that’s about what it would take.

What did you mean when you said that the bases of the Summer’s Boxset would be part of Joyce’s room and the Living Room?

The mask and wall paper are from Joyce’s room while the curtain and window look more like the living room. It’s an amalgam of the two rooms.

Which of the deluxe Angel and Spike figures (including variants) come with removable coats/alternate arms?

Destiny Angel, Destiny Spike, 50’s Angel and School Hard Spike will come with removable jackets and alternate arms.

Why weren’t any of the deluxe Angel variants chosen to "match up" with existing deluxe action figures, for example, "Graduation Day" Angel or "End of Days" Angel to go with the deluxe Buffy figures?

We tried to make them match up as best we could in their own line, but I am sure your all creative enough to set up some nice 4 way scenes and imagine your own episodes and displays.

With respect to the "Angel" action figures in both the standard and deluxe range, there appears to be a lack of a "classic" styled/attired "human" Angel from seasons 1-3 of Buffy and season 1-4 of Angel (eg black pants, collared shirt and 3/4 length black coat). Was this deliberate on DST’s part and if so, are there any plans to deliver a "classic" Angel action figure?

Seems classic is the eye of the beholder because I think some of our figures in both lines are very classic portrayals.

When will the deluxe angel and spike’s be hitting the shelves?

Summer...just like last year’s deluxe figures.

Could it be possible to consider angel/fred wave as a angel/illyria wave and make a new wave with fred/gunn

Nope. No plans for any of the above.

With Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, and Stargate licenses, is DST considering additional "cult TV" licenses? If so, any hints as to which properties DST would be interested in?

Nothing on the front burner right now, but you never know what will present itself.

What show will the next line be from— Buffy or Angel?

Patience - but nice try. Maybe I’ll tease it soon.

Will DST ever consider making a boxset with more than three characters in it, like MAC did? Maybe without jumping the price too much.

No plans right now to go past three figures.

As you have nearly released 100 Buffy/Angel figures, would consider making a special 100th Buffy figure?

Believe it or not the idea has been floated, but...we’ll see.

Is there any news on the Buffy/Angel Snow globes and Bookends License that you have?

Both are now in the early stages of development.

If you have any more S7 buffy figures (e.g chosen giles), will the bases add to the corridor motive you have going?

We’ve considered that, we’ll just have to see if the opportunity comes up.

What is the next line? If you can reveal that now?

Not this soon after all we showed at Toy Fair...

Will the new Xanders receive the bicep swivel joint?

If only to make all you fine folks happy, I’ll consider it.