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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #38 - Questions & Answers

Wednesday 17 May 2006, by Webmaster

When will we see the Buffy/Dawn wave on card?

We should see something at our office in a couple weeks. When they get here, if they look good, we’ll try and get some photos out there for everyone to see.

Are you sure you only want to make one Joyce?

Yup, we’re pretty sure.

Will DST please consider using a "The Wish" Cordelia body, removing the jacket, using "The Gift" Glory’s head , and giving us that red dress Glory figure a lot of us have been asking for?

We have not said we are not going to do that version of Glory. There is still a chance she will happen down the road.

What is the base for Glory/Dawn?

Round floor.

Who will be "Primeval" Buffy’s Exclusive Holder?

We’re not ready to say yet, but soon...and I promise it’s coming out.

When will we see packaging pictures of the Library Playset?

Design of the package itself is still underway, so it’s going to be awhile still.

When can we see good photos of Princess Cordy and Wish Cordy?

Those two versions are with Charisma and we expect to hear from her very soon. Let’s hope she likes them.

Is "Chosen" Xander’s eye patch removable?

Nope. It’s sculpted on.

This has to do with the above question kind of. But, I noticed you really don’t have any early versions of Xander, was the deliberate, or just the way that it worked out?

Can I say yes to both? Mostly we’ve looked at later seasons to kind of pick up where the other guys left off.

Is there something different about the Xander/Cordy bases compared to the Buffy/Dawn/Angel/Fred bases?

Not sure what you mean. They are both a piece of floor and a piece of wall and can be displayed in a row, but what goes on the wall is different.

Will "You’re Welcome" and "The Wish" Cordy’s top be soft plastic similar to Angel’s?

We’re not there yet production-wise, but we do that when we can, so we’ll try.

This is just curiosity also, but how much is normal cost to produce a figure line?

Umm...let me see...yup...it costs a LOT of money.

Any chance of figures from the crossover episodes like "Orpheus"?

Nothing on our plans right now, but crossover episodes can show up in the future.

What is the reasoning behind always saying no to a Gunn figure?

We’re just being mean. No, I think we said before that we don’t have anything against him. It’s just that we’ve had figures we thought would sell better so far.

Any chances of Diamond ever making figures from the Buffy movie?

We do not have rights to the movie and are not looking to pursue those rights at this time.

If Giles were in the next wave, would you mix his variants up from seasons, or just do a later Giles.

We don’t comment on waves that we have not announced. Sorry.

Will there be a new version of the Master and Faith anytime soon?

We’ve looked at both characters, so they are on our radar.

And why make a line just with different variants? Some that are unimportant, why not produce a line with different characters?

It’s kind of hard to explain in a Q&A like this, but to give you a short answer, it’s mostly economics. Maybe one of the old timers here can help you or you can catch us at a show for the long version.

Can we expect to see an Ubervamp in the future line?

We’ve tossed him around, but nothing for sure.

Do you have any plans on making a Jenny figure in the future? Has she been considered?

Been discussed, but no plans right now.

Last Ask Diamond you said that you didn’t have the license to make a Puppet Angel figure. What license does this need? Wouldn’t it fall under the Angel license?

The Puppet Angel license is a 100% separate stand-alone license. It is not included in the standard Angel license.

How’s that accessory pack coming?? No, but really... any plans for an accessory pack?

We’ve had requests for one, and we’ve talked about it, but we’re just not sure if it’s viable.

Would it be possible to turn those incredible monster busts into ornaments, and if so, would DST please consider this for future release?

The monster busts have not sold that great, so for now we’re sticking to ornaments of the human characters, but you never know...we might slip one in there.

Any news on the "Becoming" Buffy bust?

She should be in stores now.

Is there still really no chance for the Serenity line being resurrected?

Not looking good.

Would you ever consider sending representatives to a con in England?

We have considered it. You folks have some cool shows over there, and it’s been a while since I’ve made that trip. We’ll have to see.

Do you, whoever answers our questions, have any real power in the making of the figures? Do you get to decide what joints and whatnot?

Let’s put it this way...I’m not a marketing slob, and I don’t have to check with anyone before I answer these.