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The Cabin in the Woods

Brian White - "Cabin in the Woods" Movie - Fearnet.com Interview

Wednesday 1 April 2009, by Webmaster

You’ve also just been cast in Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods…

Yeah, Joss and Drew [Goddard], I’m excited about that one!

Could you tell us anything about your role of Truman?

[Laughs.] No. We were all sworn to secrecy. I can say that the character’s name—my character’s name—is Truman. I can’t say much more, we had to sign a non-confidentiality, non-disclosure agreement because Joss and Drew want to keep a tight cover on all this because of the script. They are trying to withhold as many surprises as they can. In the horror genre, the less you know the better the film experience is for you. I know people want to know as much as they can, but it’ll make the movie a lot more enjoyable for them, especially if the true fans don’t know what’s going on. Half the fun is the story and how it unfolds. If you know the story in advance, you kind of start making judgments about what you think. It’s an excellent script, excellent story, excellent cast led by Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. Joss is one of the best writers in the world, Drew is one of the best writer/directors in the world, and it’s got an amazing cast. So it’s going to be a great horror-thriller.

Were you familiar with some of Joss’s other works?

I have met Joss in the process of auditioning for other things that he’s produced. He decided to give me this opportunity. I’m definitely familiar with him and I feel really blessed to work with somebody who makes such quality horror and thriller films, and to work with such a talented ensemble cast, right down to the kids in this film, is great.

I feel really blessed, because as far as horror-thrillers go, this is going to be on of the best ever made, so it’s really exciting to start a project knowing that you’re in such talented and capable hands.

Now that you have this familiarity with stunt work, if Cabin in the Woods calls for some stunt work, would you be interested?

One-hundred percent. Whatever they let me do on this film of course I’m going to do it. That’s pretty much my motto right now. Being a former professional athlete, I definitely want to use those skills. It’s an asset that I do have, that I can make—hopefully—my movies more enjoyable to the audience. I love the fact that you can tell it was Matt Damon in all the Bourne movies doing the fight scenes and car driving. It made it much more enjoyable. I love the fact that you know it’s Jason Statham in movies like Crank, where he’s doing the action. He’s an incredible martial artist. I’ve had the chance to work with him. It makes those movies that much more enjoyable. Here, whatever action there is for my character Truman, I’m definitely going to step up and ask Joss if I can do it and add that layer to the film. It’s always more enjoyable. The more I can do the merrier.