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Firefly to be remade by FOX

Wednesday 1 April 2009, by Webmaster

Following on such wild successes of things that were cancelled after short runs, like Battlestar Galactica and...

Okay, following the trend of remaking cancelled stuff like Cupid, V and The Human Target, comes the latest foray into televisionary resurrection. Fox has realized their mistake when they cancelled Firefly and their remaking it. But they don’t trust Joss Whedon as much as they say they do and he’s kinda busy, so they apparently got Steven Bochco to take the reins and he’s already gone ahead and cast Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Captain Mal Reynolds.

All this according to the Hollywood Reporter, which says—


I can’t do it.

April Fool’s or not...this just isn’t funny. It’s sick is what it is.

Forgive me.