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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x13-14-15-16 - Spoilers

Saturday 1 February 2003, by Webmaster

More on new slayer arrival Chao-Ahn: Giles struggles to communicate with a new Potential who speaks only Vietnamese.

Casting: Will the real Nikki please stand up? According to actress K.D. Aubert’s (The Scorpion King) website she is playing Nikki. But April Weedon-Washington previously played Nikki and is currently listed on imdb.com as reprising her role. Guess we’ll find out soon.

To recap:

Episode 7-13 airs 02/04: "The Killer in Me". Willow transforms into Warren when Kennedy kisses her, Spike’s chip is "killing" him so Buffy contacts the Initiative and while Giles takes the SITs on a retreat, the gang thinks he’s the First. Amy and Warren (though it’s just Willow manifesting him) appear in this episode, as does the previously absent potential Chloe.

Episode 7-14 airs 02/11: "First Date". Buffy goes on a date with Principal Wood, Xander goes on a date with a demon played by guest star Ashanti, Giles explains how he escaped the Bringers, it’s revealed that Spike’s chip is removed. The truth about Wood and his mother comes out. Another potential is introduced, Chao-Ahn (played by Kristy Wu), and Wood finds out Spike killed his mom.

Episode 7-15 airs 02/18" "Get it Done". When Buffy time travels, she learns that the original slayer power came from a merging a human with a mist demon or something of the sort. Buffy wants no part of the demon merging biz and decides that her current power coupled with her friends is enough. It also appears that another potential dies (maybe Chloe) but not at the hands of evil, but rather at the hands of her own evil. Does that make sense? From all accounts, it sounds like suicide to me. This death prompts another Buffy lecture that everyone must step up and fight the fight to the best of their ability. Anya and Spike fight off a demon sent by D’Hoffryn to kill Anya.

Rumor has it that episode 7-16’s titled "Double Status".

Amy Acker (Angel) spilled the news that she will marry her beau in April at a Napa winery. Emma must be thrilled as this gives her a reason not to regret her decision to leave Buffy. Her flick Darkness Falls debuted atop the box office over the weekend with $12.5 million.

Alyson Hannigan (Buffy) discussing the Summer household and all those women under one roof: " Right now it’s really, really chaotic, because there are all the Slayers coming in. The other day, we had a six-page scene with 12 principals. It’s insane. And there’s only one bathroom, we’ve only had one bathroom for the run of the show. From the working aspect, it’s very chaotic. But it’s good, and I’m sure that it’s going to go off at the end of the year. Everybody’s sort of expecting it to be the end. Knowing Joss, he’ll just make it huge, amazing ... with the possibility that it could continue after that, I’m sure."

7x16 again :

 Wood and Buffy make googly eyes at eachother, and Buffy (as well as the audience) wonders why they’ve been wasting so much time looking that the scripts...I mean, blueprints.
 Spike has his shirt off in Andrew’s Spuffy fantasy. She pours milk and touches his manly pecs. If we see Spike chained up, we’ll know Andrew=Marti, and what does the milk symbolize, other than whatever is happening in Andrew’s pants?

 Xander and Anya have sex, on Spike’s cot. They are sad Buffy took the chains down. Poor Spike. Manipulated, tormented, tortured, and now he has to sleep in Xanya love juices.

 Andrew (temporarily) saves the world by weeping magic tears onto the Seal of Improbability. Redeemed, folks, and in only one episode! I’d say it was a record, but Willow already broke it.

 More W/K kissing. I’m so excited! Everyone just loves this ship!