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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Season 7 - Boxofficeprophets.com Review

Wednesday 24 November 2004, by Webmaster

For five seasons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the most inventive, imaginative and intellectual shows on television. Sporting a caustic wit and a never-ending drive to surprise, the tales of a do-gooder crew of demon fighters fronted by a cheerleader named Buffy never failed to entertain. Then, show creator Joss Whedon, one of the most talented people in all of entertainment, made a pair of simultaneous missteps. The first was to move the show from its home network to UPN, a competitor willing to pay more for the same series. The other was to launch a third series while already juggling Buffy and its spinoff, Angel.

The result was that Angel’s quality grew inconsistent, Whedon’s new baby, Firefly, received heinous treatment from its exhibitor, Fox, and Buffy went to hell. Ignoring a sensational musical episode in season six, the body of the two seasons on UPN were disasteriffic.

Season six was so unfocused as to have the Big Bad be a trio of sci-fi/fantasy freaks. Coming on the heels of notable villains such as The Master, the Mayor, a two-time slayer named Spike, and a goddess named Glory, the trio were a stillborn story that never could have developed anyway.

Seeking to change all of this, the final season offers a mystical enemy known as The First. The shape-shifting entity was able to assume the form of anyone who had died, even the titular heroine herself (who has died twice). As the story unfolded, an event unrelated to the Buffyverse liberated the show from its storytelling morass. Firefly was creating a fledgling superstar in Nathan Fillion, who portrayed the captain of a ship named Serenity. When Fox pulled the plug at mid-season, Joss Whedon found himself with a rising talent in need of work in Fillion and a show in need of salvation in Buffy. He deftly combined the two, allowing Fillion to show up for the last quarter of Buffy’s season as an sadistic preacher who seemed to be ripped straight out of the pages of a comic book named...well....Preacher.

The presence of Nathan Fillion alone is enough to recommend the final season of Buffy albeit with a caveat. His arrival is not enough to save the show from an absurdly self-indulgent finale which attempts to celebrate sexual empowerment . Instead, it winds up being a mess of ill-conceived zeitgeist and displays more than a little bit of pettiness to an actress who had become a problem child on the set (no, not the one you would expect). Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of the finest shows in the history of television, went out with a whimper instead of a bang.

The development of an inscrutable villain played by a tremendous talent is enough to redeem its last season in my eyes, but your mileage may vary.

5 Forum messages

  • > Buffy Season 7 - Boxofficeprophets.com Review

    24 November 2004 15:39, by Anonymous
    Who was the "problem child" actress on the set?
  • > Buffy Season 7 - Boxofficeprophets.com Review

    24 November 2004 23:10, by Anonymous
    I think it’s either Emma Caulfield (Anya) as she left the set about 3 days early and was killed off so no one would be phoning her to ask for her to come back, OR its SMG and they just didn’t think we’d expect it to be her.
  • > Buffy Season 7 - Boxofficeprophets.com Review

    25 November 2004 01:40, by cordys_charisma
    what the hell gives them the right to say this?? season six had great memorable monmets - Dark Willow, death of tara, buffy’s ressurection etc etc. yes Joss was looking after a lot of shows - thats because hes a very talented man! and whoever wrote this review needs their head examined. just because he/she are pathetic and spend their life writing REVIEWS of OTHER PEOPLE GENIUS. ha!
  • > Buffy Season 7 - Boxofficeprophets.com Review

    25 November 2004 07:40, by Steve
    It was that damn Chao-Ann, wasn’t it?!
  • > Buffy Season 7 - Boxofficeprophets.com Review

    26 November 2004 20:59, by Anonymous
    definitly have to say this is a terrible review, I found Season 7 was a great way to end the series, yeah not the best season but all in all a good way to end a great series