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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy slays her last Vampire !

Saturday 17 April 2004, by Webmaster

Sarah Michelle Gellar will make a comeback in the role of Mystery Inc’s ’Daphne’, after having bid goodbye to a character she’s been donning for the past eight years. And, she feels that it was the right time to call it a day, whilst the show was still popular.

"I could have stayed but it was important for me that the show go out while it was on top. It had become a cult phenomenon and I didn’t want to see Buffy fighting vampires from her wheelchair, staking them with my wooden cane!" she said.

"We started in High School and we got to college and by the end Buffy had basically become mother to 400 children with all these Slayerettes. I’d be coming down the stairs saying ’girls, girls, put your sleeping bags away, you make breakfast," she further said. (ANI)

2 Forum messages

  • > Buffy slays her last Vampire !

    18 April 2004 05:46, by Wolverine68

    Geller is right. Some may not be happy, but those are peopel who will aways want more then availble. To them I say nothing last forever, get over it.

    Personally I think Buffy went on to long, but whatever. There was not much move to do. Vampires, demons, apocalypses, even godz, have all been done.

    Writters will always be able to come up with something else. However, I’d say reruns are better then recycling ideas.

  • > Buffy slays her last Vampire !

    19 April 2004 04:02, by Speds

    Too long man!?! No way!! But I’m a fan that could watch Sarah, Nick, James, Alysson and Anthony having a farting contest and still buy the DVD as soon as it released.

    Good on Sarah for having the guts to leave a steady pay cheque but I’ll ALWAYS miss Buffy!! Thank god for Box Sets!