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Buy Spike’s Dust On Ebay.com !!!

Sunday 30 May 2004, by Webmaster

Angel In this supernatural thriller, Angel (David Boreanaz), a vampire cursed with a conscience and a soul, has emerged from the dark underground tunnels he inhabited for centuries. Angel is free to roam Los Angeles without fear of sunlight since he and his loyal friends Wesley, (Alexis Denisof); Lorne, (Andy Hallett); Fred (Amy Acker), and Gunn (J. August Richards), have taken over the city’s powerful supernatural law firm, Wolfram and Hart, and are waging war against the dark side - one evil client at a time. Angel finds himself in a new and brighter world, surrounded by hundreds of co-workers and clients, but only a handful of people he can trust. Angel may have emerged from the darkness, but the line between good and evil will be harder to see than ever before. All he can do is go on with his quest to redeem himself - and the rest of the world.

ANG1722 SPIKE’S DUST: This bag of dust was used by Illyria on Spike in Episode 19, Season 5 on the television show "Angel."

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