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From Fireflyfans.net


Cake Delivered To Serenity Movie Set Monday 23rd 2004

Wednesday 25 August 2004, by Webmaster

Mutant Boosters, in conjunction with Fireflyfans.net, is having a cake delivered to the Serenity set this afternoon.

The yellow butter cake, created by Topozios Bakery, is laced with Frangelico, with freshly roasted hazelnuts in a hazelnut Italian buttercream & a rich chocolate mousse. There is a picture of Serenity on fondant, with a background of stars and planets. The text reads:

We’re Still Flying

Serenity- Too Pretty To Die



The accompanying card reads:

Congratulations to our Big Damn Heros! By resurrecting Firefly you’ve done the [nearly] impossible- and that makes you mighty. Millions of Browncoats stand behind you, waiting for April and the premiere of Serenity. Keep flying!

Topozios will take a picture of the cake, prior to delivery. We are sending a disposable camera along, but there is no guarantee anyone on the set will take pictures. Cross your fingers and toes, though... maybe we’ll get lucky (again).

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