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From Charisma-carpenter.com


Charisma Newsletter - Update

Saturday 20 September 2003, by Webmaster

Hi everyone. First let me begin with apologize for the lack of recent updates. As many of you know, aside from See Jane Date, we really haven’t heard much from Charisma.

However, we have a big addition to the site today. Many of you have asked if we would ever see "The Groomsmen." Until recently, my answer was that it was likely never to be distributed. But someone got ahold of a DVD copy and has provided charisma-carpenter.com with the intro video clip featuring Charisma’s brief appearance!!!!!

In the multimedia gallery you can now download the Groomsmen’s intro sequence. Please be forewarned, there is brief nudity and adult situations.

Enjoy! http://www.charisma-carpenter.com