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Charisma Questions & Answers - Litefoot1969

Monday 17 March 2003, by Webmaster

UK viewers should be aware that this Q&A features from spoilers for Angel season 4.

Hi, Charisma! Congrats on being a new mom! How will the show handle your maternity leave?

Charisma: I’m not taking one!

Have you enjoyed playing evil this year, or do you miss playing Cordy Classic?

I really miss Cordy Classic, but I really love being evil. I was frustrated with playing evil in secret. I really wanted to be evil and be a total contender but that’s just the way it worked out.

It seems like Angel & Cordy are gaining fans by the minute. How do you feel about the relationship?

Well, I love it. But considering what just happened, storyline-wise, I don’t really see any fruits of that labour happening anytime soon. Sleeping with Connor was a bit of a deterrent!

Are you going to come back to the final Buffy episode like the others?

I have not been asked; probably not.

Are you planning to be in any movies? That would be cool.

Wouldn’t it?

How would the two of you feel about cast members from Buffy possibly moving to Angel after Buffy ends this season? Anybody you’d particularly like to get?

It would be fun to work with my old castmates again. I don’t know how much work we’d get done if Alyson came over with Alexis being on the show! [Chuckles.] They’re really in love. I’ve always loved working with Nicholas Brendon, and Tony Head is welcome any day.

With Buffy nearing its end, are you surprised at how far Cordelia has come during her time on Buffy and Angel?

Yeah, I’ve been really thankful more than surprised. She has been a joy to play! Now if we could just give her one more twist...

Rumour has it that Angel might not return. Say it isn’t so. This season rocks!

Those decisions, unfortunately, are not in my hands. I’ve heard those rumours as well, and I hope they’re not true.

Who do you think is the perfect match for your character?

[Laughs.] We’re just so compatible! Or Fred. [Laughs.]

Did you object at all to the relationship between Cordy and Connor? It really, really creeps me out.

You’re not alone, sister!

Can you elaborate on your answer about Connor?

We just have to trust the writers know, story-wise, what they’re doing and just be patient. The idea is to put as many obstacles in front of Cordy and Angel as possible. Otherwise, if Angel and Cordy were to get together, it would be one big snorefest!

If Joss did a Buffy movie, do you think any Angel castmembers would be in it?

We’ve been asked before to be in a movie and be in an animated series. It just hasn’t happened yet. And if it doesn’t happen soon, we’ll all be old people in diapers!

Congrats on the baby! Please tell me this doesn’t mean you’re going to be on Angel less now that you’re going to be a mom! We all understand family is the most important thing, but we love you as Cordelia!

Thanks for the well-wishing. Due to being so very pregnant, my hours have been modified, but as I said, I’m not taking any maternity leave.

Do you like to work with Andy Hallett, who plays Lorne? And how was it to work with Eliza?

Andy Hallett is amazing - he’s one of my absolute favourite people ever! A huge asset to the show and the human race. And Eliza - I didn’t get to work with her. But I did get to spend one day with all of us on set, and that was fun. We’ve worked together for years off and on, and she’s going to be a big fat star. And let’s just talk about her eyelashes for a minute - wench!

How did you feel about The WB pulling the ol’ switcheroo?

I’m bitter about the change of nights. Let’s protest! Let’s get up-in-arms. It’s been changed four times in four seasons. Ri-donk-ulous.

Is this your last season on Angel?

There are a lot of working moms out there - don’t freak out.

Is your baby a boy or girl?

It’s a boy - and he’s huge! We don’t have a name yet, so any ideas, just go to my Website and post them.

When, if ever, are Angel and Cordy going to hook up, and would you like to see it happen? They’ve been dragging this on forever. What’s up?

I agree they’ve been dragging it out forever. I don’t know if it would be what’s best for the show if they did get together. But I agree that there should be some sort of climax to all the buildup. I can’t encourage you enough to write to the producers about your wants and needs, because it’s really influential. The fans make or break characters every day.

Do you know about any Buffy characters coming to Angel after the show ends?

I’ve heard nothing about who might or might not be coming over. Personally, I feel we’re just coming into our own as a show, and to do the crossover bit...what benefit does that do to us if we’re constantly doing these Buffy crossovers? We need to root ourselves. But again, those decisions aren’t mine, they’re Joss’.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I love classic rock. I can’t believe Norah Jones won eight Grammys. [Laughs.] I like the one song, but eight Grammys? I love The Verve, Lauryn Hill. And I like new-age music right now, because I’m about to have a baby and it’s very Zen. I’m all over the map! Madonna...I’m a girl.

What ever happened to the Queen Bitch I grew up watching on Buffy and Angel? She has completely changed, but I don’t remember a major turning point.

It was really fun this past season to revert to Cordy’s classic ways. I heard there will be major changes next season (if there is a next season), and I’m wondering if it’s along those lines.