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Chris Buchanan Posts At The Official ’Serenity’ Blog

Friday 23 July 2004, by cally

July 22, 2004 - Thanks again for all your support!

Hellloooo, Browncoats!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Chris Buchanan, right hand man to Joss (which is paradoxical because he’s actually left-handed) and one of the producers of the BDM. I’m also known as "Affable Chap" on the OB. And my mom still calls me "Christopher" when I’m in trouble.

It’s great to be guest hosting the official SERENITY blog whilst Dusty sorts out some personal legal issues that have arisen here on the Universal lot. I’m amazed by the extent that the Patriot Act comes into play when someone accidentally "borrows" a big star’s golf cart. I also had no idea that Universal had such a secure "detention facility" as part of their studio tour. Live and learn, I guess.

The past week has been another long week of flying for the cast and crew alike on our beloved ship, SERENITY. I could describe in detail the ins and outs of the latest version of our little Firefly-class boat, but I think you’ll want to wait and see the epic tour of SERENITY Joss shot on Super 35 instead. I’ll just give you some impressionistic snippets from the set:

Things heard:


Jurassic Park theme. Over and over and over.

"I did not murder him"

Nathan singing.

Cast members muttering in Chinese.

Ongoing political debate between certain unnamed cast members.

A bunch of cheers as we screened our first clip of the movie.

Things seen:

Our crew gathered around the wooden table in the galley, just like old times.

Tight pants. (No, not just those on the Captain.)

The beginnings of a wicked cool new saloon.

Ice Cream.

Blue Sun hooch.

Stars, smoke and fire.

An extremely buff, shirtless crew member working on the ship.

Visitors to the set with mouths agog and the magnitude and beauty of our boat.

Every day when I go on set, it really brings home the fact that we’ve kept SERENITY off the scrap heap and put her back in the black where she belongs. And by "we" I mean all of you, too. Thanks again for all of your support!

As a small gesture of fan payback, we are marking the launch of official SERENITY marketing and promotional efforts with a very special panel at this weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. I wish we could simulcast the entire thing worldwide on the Internet, but we can’t, so you’ll have to rely on fellow Browncoats to spread the word. And, trust me; you’ll want to hear it all!

For those of you in the San Diego area this weekend, Joss wanted to make sure you had the pertinent details of his appearance at Comic-Con this coming Sunday with the entire cast of the show:

What: Joss Whedon/SERENITY panel

When: Sunday July 25th, 1-2pm

Where: Room 20

Who: Joss, Nathan, Gina, Adam, Summer, Jewel, Ron, Alan, Sean, Morena

We will also be screening the first footage from SERENITY shown anywhere! The panel will be followed by a signing session in room 28DE, where there will be give-aways for those of you interested. (Like you’re not interested!)

I’ll be there, too, with our editor, Lisa Lassek, and our visual effects wizard, Loni Peristere and our respective posses. Stop by and say "hi."



PS: Good news for Dusty, Nathan just sent over a stack of signed photos to the "tour" department. Apparently, they trade just like currency in parts of Universal City. Fingers crossed, DB will be back soon.