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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Crazy Credits for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

By Magan

Sunday 23 March 2003, by Webmaster

The Mutant Enemy Logo at the end of each episode has been changed many times: Becoming Part 2 - The Monster says ’Ohhh, I Need A Hug’. Amends - The Monster wears a santa hat. Graduation Day Part 2 - The Monster wears a graduation cap.

For the episode "Superstar," in which a bit player (Danny Strong) changes reality to make himself a superhero, shots of the regular cast in the opening credits are replaced by shots of Strong in superhero spoffs (disarming a bomb, walking away from a camera in a trenchcoat, etc.).After the musical episode ’Once More With Feeling’ the Mutant Enemy monster mascot sings his trademark "Grrr Aargh!" rather than growling it.

The episode "Once More With Feeling" features a happy, lighthearted 1960’s TV show-style opening sequence with the cast members’ faces, and ends with the Mutant Enemy monster singing his trademark "Grrr Aargh!" rather than growling it. In the fourth season episode, "The Harsh Light of Day", James Marsters is accidentally uncredited even though he plays a large part.In the episode Who Are You, Eliza Dushku is credited as Buffy Summers as the episode involves body-swapping.In the sixth season episode "Seeing Red", Amber Benson is added to the opening credits for that episode only as a tribute. The episode was Amber’s final one on the show she had previously only been credited as a guest star since her character was introduced in the fourth season episode "Hush".

This is so far the only time an actor/actress has been added to the credits the same episode they are leaving the show.During Season 3, each episode featured different scenes from that episode during the opening credits.The first season episode "The Puppet Show" shows the scoobies doing their talent show theatrical scene during the closing credits.For the fifth season finale (the last to be aired on the WB network), the "previously on" clip contains clips or images for almost all (or all) of the previous 99 episodes.In "Storyteller" the Mutant Enemy logo monster sings a bit of ’We’ll Live as Gods’ from Andrew’s fantasy dream instead of saying ’Grr, Argh’.

At the end of "Storyteller" (episode 7.16), the little mutant enemy sings, "We are as gods!" quoting from a fantasy sequence in that episode involving an idyllic Greco Roman after-life.For the three first season 6 (the first UPN season) episodes (Bargaining parts 1 and 2, and Afterlife), the ending credits had almost 3/4 parts of the screen occupied by the Buffy logo (as seen on the opening with the moon behind), and the credits appearing under it. This was later returned to the normal black screen with the credits.In season 5 episode "The Body," instead of the regular opening credits, a flashback scene was created that consisted of the whole cast having Christmas dinner at the Summers’ house. It was created so as not to have written credits appearing over the dramatic opening scenes.