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Angel 4x21 - Spoilers

Sunday 23 March 2003, by Webmaster

- Act 2 begins with many of Jasmine’s followers naked in the banquet room of Angel’s hotel. There’s a young girl thanking Jasmine.
- Connor interrupts, telling Jasmine he needs to talk to her. Connor wants to know about Cordelia.
- In the next scene, Angel is talking to a High Priest. The High Priest tells Angel he’s going to fail and loose "him".
- Back at the hotel, Connor makes his way through a large group of reporters all assembled in the Hotel’s lobby waiting for Jasmine. They’re setting up satellite feeds that will air around the world.
- Connor looking for Cordelia, and stops when he finds a young woman that smells like her. The young woman knows about Cordelia from an article about her in People magazine. The young woman refers to Cordelia as Jasmine’s mother.
- A female reporter starts to interview Connor and refers to him as Jasmine’s father. But he’s not interested in talking about Jasmine.
- Connor goes outside to the garden. Several of Jasmine’s followers are there, discussing how the Lakers just disbanded because of Jasmine.
- Connor asks them if they know where Cordelia is, since he was told they’re the guys who helped hide her. They refuse to tell him. He can smell her on them. - One of the guys attacks Connor, but Connor knocks him out. He threatens the other guy (Jeremy), and asks again where Cordy is.
- At a Ziggurat, Angel is fighting The Keeper as the High Priest is talking about how much effort Angel is putting forth trying to make things right for Connor and why he should bother when time and time again he fails to win him back.
- The High Priest says that Connor should never have existed and his only purpose was to bring about Jasmine. Angel continues fighting the monster while arguing with the High Priest about Connor.
- A few scenes later, Connor goes to a church. He finds 2 cops there guarding it on Jasmine’s orders. Connor needs to get inside and ends up fighting the cops. As he finishs fighting the cops, he looks up and finds Cordy lying near the pulpit covered in a shroud.
- A bit later, there’s more of the press conference at the hotel with numerous reporters.
- Jeremy goes to tell Jasmine that Connor forced him to tell him where he took Cordelia.