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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - "Bones" Tv Show - Seattlepi.com Article

Saturday 30 July 2005, by Webmaster

Hush hush, my darling...no, really, zip it.

Here’s a tip. If you really like an actor or actress — and by "like" I mean, they star in dreams that have you waking up flushed and happy, or you decide they’re adorable based on a character they play really well — do yourself a favor and don’t attempt to engage them. You’ll ruin the fantasy.

Say hi, tell them you like their work, but leave it at that. Trust me. Nine times out of ten, more extensive encounters never end up being everything you expected. And all future experiences with that person on or off the screen will be tainted.

Take yesterday’s conversation with David Boreanaz, currently starring in Fox’s investigative drama "Bones," airing Tuesdays at 8 as of Sept. 13. Boreanaz co-stars as Agent Booth, the law enforcer to Dr. Temperance Brennan’s forensics anthropologist (Emily Deschanel).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve spoken with Boreanaz before, and he’s nice enough. A very get-the-job-done sort of guy. And visions of him in "Angel," in which he played the strong, silent type to perfection, still make the ladies sigh.

Boreanaz broods too, but he is not silent. And that’s too bad.

When asked about his experience with "Buffy" and "Angel," the shows that made him famous, he had this to offer about character development.

"We didn’t have restraints. We were able to open up our lives, bring what was relevant to a character, make it real and personal to the people who were watching, which I think is more interesting to watch than a straightforward typical person who’s going to do what’s arranged for them — it never made sense to me."

OK, thanks. You can simmer down now.

"It never made sense in Joss’s (Whedon, "Buffy" creator) world as well," he continued. "His eye was always into the unique little blue ball that was spinning freely, and within that is a spark. I think that we have that here, and it’s a testimony to great writing because it has to be on the page."

After I sorted out what that speech was about, another questioner took us back to an earlier remark he had made about not initially liking "Bones" producers Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson. That launched Boreanaz into another long story about having gone to the audition on a bad morning that began with chasing his wild three-year-old.

"I was remembering eating some bad muffins. I’m not supposed to eat muffins because it’s a bad carb and your LPLs will be going up, but I wanted one anyway, and there just wasn’t an equal amount of blueberries in this one muffin I wanted."

Blah blah blah, Boreanaz went into the office to talk about the script. "I was kind of conflicted with some of the ideas of, ’Is this going to be recent bones? Is this going to be a recently decomposed body? How is this going to work week to week? ’ And then Hart started talking about my show ’Angel,’ and I just really was not into talking about that."

"And then Barry just sat there."

Mind you, this came after the session’s highlight, when someone asked about the perks of being partnered with a strong female doctor versus a strong female vampire slayer.

"Well, I can actually go to bed with this one," Boreanaz said.

"You mean without losing your soul," Hanson added.

"Exactly," Boreanaz finished. "Possibly."

So you can still have those fantasies, ladies. Just make sure they start with, "Shh — no more talking."

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