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First Proper Serenity Action Figures Photos in boxes - Available For Ordering - Spoiler

Saturday 30 July 2005, by Webmaster

Click on the link to order :


First Proper Serenity Action Figures Photos in boxes - Available For Ordering - Spoiler - Gallery

IMG/jpg/firefly-serenity-movie-action-figures-mq-01.jpg IMG/jpg/firefly-serenity-movie-action-figures-mq-02.jpg IMG/jpg/firefly-serenity-movie-action-figures-mq-03.jpg IMG/jpg/firefly-serenity-movie-action-figures-mq-04.jpg IMG/jpg/firefly-serenity-movie-action-figures-mq-05.jpg IMG/jpg/firefly-serenity-movie-action-figures-mq-06.jpg IMG/jpg/firefly-serenity-movie-action-figures-mq-07.jpg

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  • ANybody know the scale of these figures? I really want a Mal figure to make a custom Caleb figure to go with my Buffy Figures!!! :-) Can’t really tell but not sure it really looks much like him...but could totally be these low res pics. Jayne looks a lot like him! Also, anybody know if Zoe will have a figure? Then I could also have a Jasmine figure for my Angel line!!! Oh wow, if these are in the 6" Scale then I am sooo psyched - and now I’m totally thankful Joss used actors from Firefly on Buffy and Angel...I wonder if he knew way back then that one day there would be Serenity Action Figures...which would end up being (probably) the only way we’ ever get a Caleb and Jasmine Action Figures??? Haha!!!

    Incidentally, I’ve had this theory sort of floating around in my warped brain for awhile...does anyone have any idea if Morena Baccarin was originally considered for the role of Jasmine? The reason I thought of this is because, watching Firefly now on Sci Fi (and great move IMO - I never watched it before and now am totally into it - hopefully it will attract a whole new legion of fans and ensure a successful movie). Watching Morena reminds me so much of CHarisma Carpentar - both are absolutely beautiful, and Morena B. looks so much the part of a Greek Goddess. I could totally see her playing Cordelia’s "Daughter" and Goddess Jasmine.

    Don’t get wrong, I absolutely LOVE Gina Torres, and thought her portrayal of Jasmine was amazing - I actually LIKED her, and wanted her to be good and care, which she seemed to do, at least more so than any of the other PTB. But on a superficial resemblance note - I just wonder how it would have played out had Morena Baccarin been the creature that Cordelia gave birth too...looking eerily like Cordelia, and very much like a Greek Goddess, and with enough of a dark edge to her to make her feel like she could be deadly or at least dangerous despite the beauty and peaceful intent...So, does anyone know if she was ever in the running for the part? I’ve never heard of it, but it just seems like a natural fit. Email me if anyone has any inside info! :-)