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David Boreanaz European Event - 3 Days Report

By Karen

Saturday 6 September 2003, by Webmaster

Friday 29th August 2003 Day Event

We arrived bright and early, on a bleak rainy day, for our AAA passes on Friday. In total it turned out that there were around 18 of us due to a computer glitch. All of us, AAA hosts and participants, were on a learning curve together as no-one was really too sure what was going on.

Eventually we all went through to rid ourselves of unnecessary items before the big limousine journey around the corner. We also were able to preorder our autograph tickets before the general doors opened.

David was running late but we were taken away for a limo arrival in 3 batches which was actually hilarious. It was my first time ever in a limousine and how stars ever arrive safely, I don’t know! We had a right hand turn and a left hand turn and ended up in each others laps on both of them! Unfortunately the bottle of wine left in the bar proved to be empty!

I now know what it is like to be a celebrity. As we drew up to the front of the Brighton Centre a massive crowd ran to the car, cameras at the ready - obviously expecting David and the other guests. We all tried to put on a suitable star demeanor but it was damn difficult getting out of that limo with style!

Once inside we were taken to collect cameras etc and then it was off to the Green Room for a private meeting with Nick,Christine, Mark and Kelly. It was completely surreal as to how quiet the room went as we all seemed to be momentarily at a loss when they came in. Mind you, it didn’t take them long to break the tension with Nick willingly performing his invention of an Icelandic dance and then the Snoopy dance. They joked and laughed for a bit, asked where people had traveled from. One lady had traveled down from Scotland with her son who had bought the tickets as a surprise treat. He was only 15 or 16 too - wasn’t that great? They were in full dress tartan.

We heard that David had eventually managed to land - the bad weather causing a delay - and we were taken down to the red carpet arrival area where we could take photos and see his arrival. It was at this time that my camera temporarily decided to play up so I’m waiting to see if Eleanor, my daughter, has any I can scan.

David shows up and mamma mia! Looking mighty fine in Baseball cap, jacket and huge smile. He posed for the press photographers and then walked right on in answering "Thanks" when someone called out how great he was looking.

We returned to the main hall to see David’s opening appearance. As AAA ticket-holders we were entitled to centre row front seats. (This had changed from the stage as we were now greater numbers and we didn’t want to stare at guests backsides anyway. - Well, on second thoughts!) Glenn, the organiser, introduced David asking general questions first. They then took a quick audience question at this point and one of our group managed to be picked. She was the first up on stage with David - shook his hand (and is now never going to wash!) Emma was just so annoyingly calm and collected, LOL! She asked about what it was like filming the video with Dido? David recounted how he’d not know who Dido was and did not know the music. He said that it was embarrassing that he’d had to ask because no-one had introduced them. He said something about shooting but his precise comment escapes me.

David left the stage to a rapturous welcome. He came and stood at the front of the stage for photos to be taken and then went off to prepare for autograph/photo sessions. The BTVS music began to play and it was time for the guests to make an appearance. Kelly came on first, then Christine, Mark and finally Nick. I didn’t make a note of all their question session as I’m reporting from the David angle. However, they were all great - really funny and entertaining. After the Supporting Cast introduction we went to have official auto/photos with David.

As mentioned in other reports this was strictly to be a no touching, no speaking etc, etc affair. David was not personalising as he had limited time to get through the 500 allocated tickets. You were supposed to go up - just greet, pose and then move on. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, perhaps it is - if you are not wearing stiletto sandals that is!

This is my first encounter with David ever - "Go" says the steward. I promptly lose the shoe which goes flying halfway towards David. I’m then standing midway in between trying to wriggle into the offending show discretely whilst I hear laughter and David’s voice floating towards me, telling everyone "She’s lost her shoe". Eventually I gave up, picked up the shoe and limp towards the man. He’s got a huge grin. I proceed to lean down, put on the shoe and try to pose. Someone had removed the chair and we were all squatting, leaning, kneeling as they had forgotten to return it after a wheelchair had passed through. Now girls, the top I was wearing was perfectly decent, as long as you don’t bend too far forward! That is one photo you’ll never see! David looks fantastic in it though.

David told someone he was having a bad hair day as to why he was leaving the Baseball cap on. Well, it looked mighty fine on the Saturday - definitely not one bad hair in sight. After we had the autographs taken, the AAA guests had seating in the room and we watched the proceedings for a while. We then had to move out as the group was larger than anticipated and we were left in limbo for a while with no-one knowing what to do. Glenn (Jealous) had recognised the disruption and disorganisation that was going on and as a gesture gave us auto/photo tickets and pictures for everyone except David. We were refunded for those that we’d bought. At this point we had been told that David would not be attending the Reception. That was not going down too well but then we were told that he wanted to meet everyone personally. This actually worked really well as everyone did get the opportunity for a small chat and photo. We could take photos in the room and either Tom (manager) or the security guard took them for you.

My daughter was really excited as she had the opportunity to give him a picture that she’d drawn, (she’s 14 and artistically inclined), of David with Jaime and their little dog. He really liked it, "It’s Jaime. And Rocky too - Look Tom" He then showed it to his manager and was quite amazed that she’d drawn it. She’d copied it in Black & White from a photo. It had taken her hours and let’s just say she was over-the-moon! Tom took a photo of us all together. On the personal meet and greets, David automatically pulls you in for the shot. He was more at ease and very chaming. Also incredibly jaunty in that Baseball cap!

We were then lead to the auto sessions with the guys and Christine. The advantages of AAA set in as we never did have to queue but were taken to the front of each line in turn. The simple thing that the organisers could have done would have been to have given us passes. The stewards had to keep explaining we were AAA and we didn’t really have any opportunity to go anywhere behind the scenes at will. It would have been nice to have made a Green Room available for us to have lunch but we were left just wandering.

Due to us being in the cast auto room many of us missed David’s actual Friday Question & Answer Session - it was just ending as we turned up and the schedule was naturally all to pot! When we arrived in the hall we found that the front seats had been taken - no one had thought to just stick a ’reserved’ notice on the seats. We put forward this simple solution to the problem and it was thankfully adopted for the Saturday and Sunday VIPs.

David ended the talk session and immediately left at this time (around 3.00 ish). At one point during the day, the Angel and Spike ’look-alike’s’ performed an amateur performance. There were also a few Karaoke performances. It was actually quite amazing on the Friday - they could all SING! I was actually fairly impressed with all the participants that I saw on that day.

The event certainly needed organised stage shows though. What happened to the advertised Quizzes or the Auctions? It did seem as if people had paid a vast daily entrance fee to sit hanging around for hours on in the bar areas. This really does need improvement and notice to be taken by the organisers.

We were informed that the VIP Reception would be held with the other cast after their on-stage appearance. At around 5.00pm we were eventually up there with Bucks Fizz available and canapes being served. Mark, Kelly, Nick and Christine were wonderful. The took real time and care to mingle, sign, photo and chat. After the reception we went and collected our photos, chatted with online pals (Hi EMMA!)

We enquired about the signed cast photo that all AAA guests were to receive as part of the ticket price. Glenn told us to expect them in the post - I will be on the lookout! He also advised us that if we wanted to see Nick and Co they were having a drink in the Grand Hotel bar, if we wanted to go their privately. One plus of holding the AAA, I guess. A couple of the girls in our group were residents there anyway and invited us for a drink. Obviously we were discrete etc and Sarah, Glenn’s partner, bought Nick over a couple of times. He nearly didn’t retrieve his American Express Card - LOL! Strangely enough, they never made it back to London and ended up staying at the Grand on that Friday night. Everyone had a good time!

Overall, on the Friday AAA I thought we’d done OK, especially after some of the reports of the other days. We did have front seats, there was still only 18 of us, we did go to the autograph queues without waiting, we were given all the supporting cast auto/photos and pictures as a goodwill gesture as Glenn had recognised all was not well and the organisation had not got it right. We were able to personally meet David and have extra pics, hugs and a chance to chat - far more than when he actually went into the Saturday reception and whisked through, highly protected in 5 mins - not sure who would have paid the amount of money to cause any trouble there!

Most of all - there was a great bunch of people on the Friday AAA - the AAA hosts were trying their utmost with not a lot of information themselves - they did very well and were wonderfully friendly. The air was one of excitement and anticipation and that made it a great day regardless.

It’s a long story but I was back again on the Saturday - this time with Gold Tickets and VIP Reception. I managed to catch all of David’s Q & A session this time and have reported as much as I can remember.

Saturday 30th August 2003 Day Event

David was running late again - not due to bad weather on this bright and sunny morning. People were left hanging until around 11.00am. He received a rapturous welcome naturally, however the schedule was non-existent again. Let’s just say that Jealous should be cut some slack because David’s management is certainly not above any criticism. The result of all this was more dissatisfied people, more compensations for the company to handle and more chaos. I kept enquiring as to when the Reception would be held and was told it would be put over the tannoy in the main hall. WRONG! Just before David came out on stage, the announcer said we’d have 45 mins Q & A with David and then VIP reception ticket-holders were to go up immediately he’d ended. Result was that many of us rushed up as told, caught 5 mins of David, no food and no guests because they’d been up there while David was on stage. Many missed this and as we were still going to be in Brighton we were compensated with more supporting cast autos/pics, tickets to the Sunday and VIP Reception tickets to the Sunday (so that’s how come I was there for the 3 days!). If Jealous Events are not running at a loss by now, I’d be surprised.

Mind you, luck did strike once again. Glenn recognised me as a double-ticket holder, having been AAA from the Friday and made certain that I had a photo etc at the reception...

David’s Question & Answer Session

(Please note that this is from memory, not in any order and not quoted literally)

1) David was asked which 3 items he would take to a Desert Island with him like the Radio Show. He pondered for a while and then asked if people were allowed. When told they were, it was easy! Jaime, Jaden and a large bottle of sunscreen!

2) Which Buffy or Angel character would he like to play other than Angel? Giles because he’s cool. David went on to say that he’d learnt a lot from Tony as an actor and as a person.

3) Who would he like to work with? Gary Oldman, Colin Farrell, Renee Zellwegger

4) A Question was asked about Vincent. David said that he enjoys working with him - that they have good chemistry and bring out the best in each other.

5) Favourite Episodes from Angel and Buffy: AYNOWYEB, IWRY and Amends.

6) Regarding C/A: Relationship with Cordy is "interesting" and "not as deep". Angel has moved on although he’s unhappy she’s in a coma.

7) Regarding B/A: He thinks that they will be reunited for a couple of episodes and believes that they will end up together.

At the moment for Season 5 Angel wonders why he has control over Wolfram & Hart and that there is "something going on behind the scenes". Angel and Spike will be sparking off one another - calling each other names etc.

8) Asked for Acting Advice: Have fun, be impulsive, enjoy yourself. He was keen to stress that Angel did not fall into his lap (when this was suggested). The interview did but he still had to go in there and earn the part. He mentioned that on his first night of filming he was supposed to start at 10.00 but didn’t actually start to film until 4.00am.

9) A young girl who was celebrating her 16th birthday and a Bride-to-be complete with hen party were invited onto stage. They wanted to know how he’d spent his bachelor party but David admitted "he couldn’t really remember."

10) Favourite hobbies: Golf and Ice-Hockey with the latter being his number 1. He is playing more ice-hockey at present.

11) Countries he likes to visit are Ireland. He’d shoot Angel in Ireland.

12) Asked about which episode he’d be directing and which scenes of Season 4 he did: David is now set to shoot Episode 10 of Season 5 and not episode 7. That has changed. Last year he directed several shots. He says that he will have to jump back and forth between Angel and directing but feels that he now has the experience to be able to do this after four seasons of the show. He says that he directed some of the Gina Torres ’face-changing’ shots on the balcony for example.

13) He was asked his most supernatural experience? Strange dreams - (laughs) - Wicked dreams.

14) Asked about what he thinks about during love scenes? "What do you you think I think of? Thoughts, good thoughts - wicked thoughts."

15) Which female character would he like to play? He didn’t know but Harmony was returning and she’s hysterical. But he doesn’t know.

16) What does he do in his spare time? Loves to play with his son.

17) Person he’d like to meet Alive and Dead: Dead = his father’s mother whom he never knew. Alive = actually stumped.

18) Regarding Stunts: David says he does 50-60%. He’d love to do more but the show will shut down if he’s hurt. He is currently suffering from his knee injury - an old football injury he got 18 years ago.

19) How long does it take to do his hair? 2 mins - just put gook in hair and mess it up.

20) Is the tattoo real? He stood up to take his shirt off but then said that the guy in front with a camera kept him from removing it!

David took some time out to thank people for coming. He said that his father taught him to talk to people and that was what he really wished he was able to do here. He explained that he couldn’t as time was limited abut that he really appreciated everyone coming out to be there.

21) Angel or Angelus? Angelus

22) Good Girls or Bad Girls? Bad Girls

23) Buffy or Angel? He likes to work period.

24) Will there be a Valentine 2 - the questioner liked him in the movie. "No" He thanks the person who asked for the compliment.

Additional things remembered and how on earth I could forget these personal tidbits, I don’t know?

David said that unfortunately his beloved dog, Bertha Blue, had passed on about two months ago. He also answered a question on favourite demons on the show and movingly spoke of how he automatically thinks of Glenn Quinn. You could tell that Glenn’s untimely death has really cut David up.

Sunday 31st August 2003 Day Event

We turned up on the final day to find things quite fraught. Many stewards (who people should remember volunteer their services) had resigned due to being unfairly blamed and abused on message boards etc. At the end of the day, the Chief Organisers have to take the responsibility for the lack of communication.

We collected our tickets and made certain that we were on the VIP listing. Eleanor and I then decided to volunteer to steward. They put us under the guidance of the main event hall chief steward - making certain that people were sitting in the correct areas, checking tickets etc. Once people were seated, we were given the task of line control - right in front of stage - for the guest talks! How fantastic was that? We had a birds-eye view and a difficult task of bodyguard to David - LOL! That was so tough! Needless to say, we loved the view. The same for the other guests too.

Once David’s Sunday Q & A was over, the VIP Reception holders were due to meet him for a personal session out the back before he left as he was not due to attend the Reception. All his stuff had been moved earlier as he had to depart. They did say that this time there was to be no pictures or asking for anything. He would just come by and shake hands. That was management speaking again! Basically, we all ignored it. Having seen David, I had watched and when asked the guy would do anything. He was lovely! So we did ask, chat, have photos and a kiss was given too, when some guy asked if his wife could have one.

I was able to have a joke with him to do with Paul Smith and the socks and received a huge grin. Be still the beating heart! I also got him to show what the tassel was that kept appearing in the photos. It’s his Garnet Necklace tie! Finally a lovely picture with my daughter, Eleanor (the one with pink cap) was taken.

Once the Supporting Cast talks had ended we were put in the autograph room for a couple of hours, looking after the seated queue line. This was another tough job to do - my daughter was overjoyed - she could just get people seated and then stand and dream over Kelly, Mark and Nick, watching all their antics which were extremely funny. They are all fantastic.

Then it was off to the VIP Reception once more - one that you couldn’t miss as we knew precisely when they’d be going up. Well, by this time, we were so well-known it was a real blast. Stacey (Kelly’s girlfriend), took one look and said, "You". Please note that this is due to a really great moment during my last autograph session! An x-rated comment on his sig and a lovely photo of me being a great, deep shade of beetroot!

Stacey is a beautiful and lovely girl (lucky guy, Kelly). She thought the whole of the signing was a blast. Upon showing Kelly the photo result, he then proceeded to sign the photo with a follow-on comment which caused more hilarity! No, I’m not giving it away. Kelly was really a delightful guest at his first convention. He has won himself so many fans over the weekend!

After signing this particular photo, he went to see the table opposite. I was thirsty and just grabbed the nearest glass whilst watching. Then he started saying, "Where have I left my drink?" at precisely the same time as I was drinking down and saying, "Exactly whose wine am I drinking?" Uh-oh! Yes, that’s right - I’d grabbed his glass of expensive Champers which I was merrily drinking! He had to go and get another one LOL! I must say that it was far better than the Bucks Fizz. Stacey was in stitches - she turns to Kelly and says that "now she knows all we shared and she’s going to have words!"

All in all, my daughter and I had a fantastic weekend. We were lucky in that we could put up with the disruption because we’d actually been able to meet, greet, have photos etc to make the occasion memorable. Primarily as an ATS/Angel fan, I was attending for David and was delighted to have the opportunity to meet him in person. I found him charming, handsome and friendly. He still seems rather shy and is better on the smaller scale one to one environment. It’s amazing how some extrovertness is to combat the shyness. But I loved meeting the others - The boys were all great and Christine is a delightful lady. We loved chatting to Christine because she also has a daughter called Elenore who is 13 years, one year younger than my Eleanor. Christine was also extremely interested in my camera.

Mark is an out and out comedian. An absolute delight wherever he goes and a firm favourite with the ATS fans. He recognises us as this is the 4th time we’ve net. He says that he would love to go to Hyperion if asked by Sean (hint, hint Starfury!)

Nick, Kelly and Stacey were all fantastic and real troupers. Nick did not finish signing until 7.45pm on the Saturday evening but everyone present who wanted one received one and got to meet him.

So, in summary - lessons do have to be learnt by the Jealous Organisers in how to actually run a large-scale event such as this. I do feel that I was personally compensated but then I had spent an absolute fortune for my daughter and I to attend with the VIP tickets plus Gold & Reception. I can totally understand the disappointment and frustration of those who were not so lucky as we were. I too would have been absolutely devastated if I’d attended and not got the chance to personally meet the main guest. I count this as an absolute one-off special occasion which I’d never repeat.

So, here’s to Senior Partners in November and Hyperion in June 2004.

David’s Question & Answer Session

(Please note that this is from memory, and not quoted literally)

No sooner than David was on-stage that the microphone failed. He starts humming whilst the problem is being fixed. Eventually the mic is working but the audience one fails. David starts to ask people to join him on the couch to ask questions until the problem is rectified.

1) A young girl asks about the Dido video: David said that it was a new experience to make a music video as he’d never done one before. He said that Dido had asked for him and that he was happy to do it.

2) Favourite Episode: AYNOHYEB and Home. He likes the way that the former captures the 50s era and the latter because it sets up the upcoming season. David believes that the new season will be "amazing"

A young child, aged about 2 years in the front row, makes her way to the stage. She’d been sitting with teh head steward earlier and spotted him manning the microphones. She decided to make her way onto the stage. David gets up, goes to her and asks, "You wanna get on the couch?" The child suddenly realises she’s the centre of attention. Her mother comes to retrieve her, picking her up and saying, "say Hello to David". The child turns away, the tears start and a wailed "Noooooo" goes up. David laughs and kisses the top of her head.

Speaking of children, at one point David was asked about working with the triplets on ATS. He describes how wonderful the babies are and that you have to be extremely focused as you have to get it right.

3) Does he have a father/son relationship with Vincent K? David laughingly replies that Vincent has a "playpen and sandbox on set" He then goes on to say that everyone gets on really well and that a lot of pranks get played. They all really enjoy "razzing Andy"

David talked about Joss Whedon and how specific he is. He did say that they work with many directors who all have different methods but that they are given directorial freedom and that they rarely need more than 2 or 3 takes nowadays to shoot. He says that he loves the Angel character as he is always challenging to play. He does like to think that Angel will become human but at the moment there are many changes going on in his life.

David spoke about how he’d had meetings regarding playing Superman. He said that schedules didn’t permit it and that it is impossible to fit a major role into hiatus period. He doesn’t believe the role is jinxed but thinks the things that have happened to previous cast in the franchise are more to do with fate.

4) An audience member who’s turning 21 wanted to know how David spent his 21st: David said that he was in college in Ithaca, a beautiful part of New York. He just spent it with friends but does recall being awakened very early in the morning, at around 7am by delivery of a giant cookie. Apparently his father, who’d known he’d been out drinking had arranged the delivery at this time because of this!

5) Someone suggested that David sing Mandy. The DJ brings up the music. David laughs and puts his fingers in his ears visibly cringing. However, he finally did sing and did a great Angel ruination of the chorus. David laughingly stated, "That’s so bad" He wondered what Simon Cowell would say on American Idol.

6) Regarding C/A: "Well, Cordelia is in a coma. Angel’s dead but he’s not freaky. Angel’s true love is Buffy"

7) Regarding the Chicken Phobia: Not just chickens but all birds. He is working on beating it and believes it may have been originated in something he’d seen on TV.

David talked about how it’s important to love and cherish children and take time to enhance their minds and not just put them in front of a TV.

The very next person up sympathised with his situation as she is terrified of geese. David, in turn, sympathised with her and said that geese are horrible with their long necks and hissing and that they are like B52s when flying. The girl asked him whether he’d like to do more theatre? David said that that is something he’d like to do more of. He’d like to do romantic comedy although he really enjoyed being "really sarcastic" in the Crow movie.

8) Which historical figure would he like to be? Dean Martin, because "he’s kinda cool" - then hits himself with the microphone as he tries to think of someone further back. Eventually he decided upon Leonardo Da Vinci because he invented the helicopter. Either Leonardo Da Vince or Marilyn Monroe.

David mentions that Nick Brendon’s favourite film is ’Some Like it Hot’ and that leads him into thinking that Angel and Spike getting into drag would make for a for an extremely funny episode.

David gave the impression of being really excited about Season 5. He believes that Angel and Spike are great together and says that Spike’s return is "amazing". He gave nothing away about S5 and just says that Angel’s edgy and that’s a good thing.

9) David was asked about his little boy, Jaden, and if there is anything he’s looking forward to: He replies that everything’s been great. He’s enjoyed watching him go crawling to walking. He now runs to you and hugs you. He’s starting to string words together.

It seems obvious that David is a very proud papa and love catching every moment of his son’s important milestones.