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From Dreamwatch, Issue 108


Newswatch Tidbit on Angel - Dreamwatch 108

By Rod Edgar & Transcribed By Katriena

Saturday 6 September 2003, by Webmaster

ANGEL’S ADDITION Eve arrives on Buffy spin-off ANGEL with Spike in tow

A beautiful woman will be key to Spike’s arrival on Angel, as WB’s surviving Buffy spin-off gains a new recurring character. Co-creator Joss Whedon writes and directs the season five premiere which introduces Eve, described as a young woman in her mid-to-late 20s who is "smart, Beautiful, and vulnerable with a sweetness that makes her accessible."

Eve is the liaison between David Boreanaz’s titular hero and the senior partners of evil law firm Wolfram & Hart, following the vampire’s decision to form an uneasy alliance with them in season four finale Home.

Producers are seeking an actress of any ethnicity to play Eve, who first appears in Angel’s office stating she will help the heroes, "find their way."


"I know what you’re thinking. Lilah Morgan was used to bring you in because she was a familiar face," says Eve in the script, referring to the dead lawyer played by Stephanie Romanov. "But you won’t be seeing her again. She was just LA. I work out of all the branches; keeping them connected is a lot of my job. So I’m your guy. Plus, keeping a dead person animated on a physical plan...wait till you get your power bill."

The new character will play a key role in the arrival of James Marsters’ bleached-blond vampire Spike, following his noble death in Buffy’s grand finale. "I think my biggest concern is just not turning Spike into Angel because he’s not an interesting character being Angel," says newly promoted co- executive producer David Fury. "Spike is a morally ambiguous character."

Buffy herself now seems set to appear, with Fury reporting, "I know Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to come back to Angel for a few episodes and I know Alyson Hannigan would gladly come back [as Willow] for a couple episodes so she can be with her honey [Alexis Denisof]."

Production on Angel’s fifth season premiere began in Los Angeles in July.