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David Boreanaz & Sarah M. Gellar About Angel’s End

By Kristin

Tuesday 23 March 2004, by Webmaster

Got any good news about Angel?

Oh, how I wish I did. I haven’t heard any promising rumblings from the networks. And I ran into David Boreanaz the other night at a charity event at the Beverly Hilton (the Genesis Awards presented by the Humane Society), and he’s, well, he’s accepting that it’s time to move on...

What did David say?!

Simmer down now, pup! He was a doll, actually. He was there with wife Jaime Bergman. He’s extremely sympathetic for us fans, but truth be told, I haven’t seen him looking so happy and rested since the show began. Sleep becomes him! Anyway, here’s what he said about the cancellation:

"It’s a bittersweet kind of thing. I feel bad for the fans because they have been so supportive throughout the years of the show and characters. But it’s a real interesting time for me right now, and I’m really looking forward to new challenges. It’s a new transition for me. We’re in a really good place, so I feel happy that the show is coming full circle, but I do feel for the fans. The fans are so great. They’ve been so great to us. But it’s time to start a whole new journey."

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to chat (it was a charity event, and he was being whisked away), but he did let on what’s next for him.

"You know," he said with a big grin, "right now, Jaime and I are going to take off to a beach. We are going to take a nap—a long nap [Looks at Jaime. Starts chuckling.] And not worry about the alarm clock waking us up."

Too many emails?

Yep-a-roonie. Seems I’ve been the target of an email campaign (among many other things) through savingangel.org. And were it any other show, I swear to you, I would be annoyed. But how can I not love the love? The fight just goes on, and I must tell you, never before have I seen such an all-out battle to bring back a series. I’m stunned. WB, are you listening?

Is Sarah Michelle Gellar coming on Angel?

We asked her precisely that at the end of an interview for Scooby-Doo 2 over the weekend, and she literally said, "I don’t know" and got up and moved to the next outlet. Humph. Clearly, she’s not at liberty to talk about it—which I’m guessing means she’s in.

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  • This article doesn’t mean that David Boreanaz wouldn’t do another season of Angel, its just says he is ready to move on if Warner Bros. doesn’t renew Angel for the 6th season. Hopefully Warner Bros will see the light with so many fans and petitions etc. and reconsider. David Boreanaz has said before that he would love to play Angel as long as he can.