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xxxxxx returning to ANGEL ?? - Spoilers

Tuesday 23 March 2004, by Webmaster

March 23: Actresses returning to ANGEL

Moviehole, quoting a Joss Whedon interview in TV Guide, reports that several past BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL actresses will be appearing on the latter show before it winds down its last season on the WB. Julie Benz will be back as Darla, Angel’s lover and the mother of his son Connor, and Juliet Landau returns as Drusilla, both presumably in flashback sequences (though in ANGEL’s world, you never know). In addition, Michelle Trachtenberg will appear, reprising her role of Buffy’s sister Dawn, and there’s a chance Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, will make an appearance. "If she’s available, she’ll do it," Gellar’s manager says.

So does that mean some resolution of the war for Buffy’s affections between Angel (David Boreanaz) and Spike (James Marsters)? "The question of Angel vs. Spike looms large in Buffy’s mind and in the minds of fans," says Whedon. "But I’m not saying whether or not I have decided to answer it...Angel and Spike will ultimately feel some kind of resolve about their conflict over Buffy, [but] it won’t be all about that."

"The whole point of ANGEL is the idea of the fight and how it never stops," Whedon continues. "The finale was always meant to be open-ended in some respect. That doesn’t mean I won’t kill everybody, but I might not [explain] why."

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  • > xxxxxx returning to ANGEL ?? - Spoilers

    23 March 2004 19:58, by John Carruthers
    Why would it have to be a flashback for Drusilla? Did I miss an episode where she died or something? As far as I am aware, chronologically, the last time we saw Drusilla was after she left Spike in Season 5 after he offered to kill her to prove his love for Buffy.
  • > xxxxxx returning to ANGEL ?? - Spoilers

    24 March 2004 17:25, by norman
    based on what joss says here, it seems like hes just going to end the B/A/S triangle with a simple ive moved on, you have moved on, we all have moved on so lets just be friends which is a little dissapointing to me. i agree with him that it should be all about that, but still, if it ends like that is lame. hopefully hes just throwing us around and doesnt want to spoil anything.
  • > xxxxxx returning to ANGEL ?? - Spoilers

    24 March 2004 18:37, by Anonymous
    or was it when she sired darla in angel?
  • > xxxxxx returning to ANGEL ?? - Spoilers

    25 March 2004 04:52, by Anonymous
    Actually, I remember angel burning Drusilla and Darla in a warehouse in an earlier season of angel. Didn’t kill them, but horrible burning that would take awhile to recover from. Dru never appeared after that except in flashbacks, but I think she is still around. I know its wrong, but I felt sorry for her getting burnt. Angel should have tried to kill dru out of mercy, and regretting what happened to her. Just my oppinion.
  • > xxxxxx returning to ANGEL ?? - Spoilers

    26 March 2004 18:25, by John Carruthers
    Chronologically she did appear again. The next week she went over to Buffy to bring Spike into the fray as I recall and it all went pear shaped