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David Boreanaz - Tvguide.com Interview - Angel Adieu

By Shawna Malcom

Wednesday 12 May 2004, by Webmaster


Angel may be a tortured 245-year-old vampire with a soul, but his portrayer, David Boreanaz, is about as angst-free as actors come. As series creator Joss Whedon once told TV Guide, "David takes things in stride, and those of us who don’t know how to stride are confused." During a break in shooting Angel’s series finale (airing May 19 at 9 pm/ET), the ever-cool 33-year-old actor discussed why he’s relieved to see his 5-year-old WB drama bite it, how he feels about star-crossed love Buffy’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) absence, and the chance he’ll resurrect Angel for those rumored TV or DVD movies.

TV Guide Online: How did you get the cancellation news?

David Boreanaz: Joss came to set and told me. I said, "OK, fine." There were no tears. There was just a moment of congratulating him on a successful run of five seasons.

TVGO: You weren’t at all upset?

Boreanaz: I don’t wanna sound like I was cheering, but when Joss broke the news, it was almost more like the burden of pressure came off me after five years. I mean, it’s a lot of responsibility [carrying a show], and you don’t realize how much that is until they say it’s done and then you can breathe. So there’s some really nice light that came into my life. I’m in a really great place about it.

TVGO: Most actors would be stressing about being out of work.

Boreanaz: It’s not worth it to get too stressed. [Laughs] What can I do, man? Look, it’s a f---in’ show, and it was a great experience. I think we can be very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Now, you just move forward.

TVGO: Your fans are having a harder time doing that.

Boreanaz: Yeah, it’s a disappointment for them. They’ve been so into the show this year. For them, I think it’s a really bad thing. But this kind of stuff happens everyday, and I think you have to realize that.

TVGO: What did you think of their "Save Angel" campaign?

Boreanaz: I think it’s very cool. It’s a really good testimony to how strong the show is and how committed they are [to] the universe Joss created.

TVGO: A lot of us were disappointed to hear Sarah won’t pop up in the finale. How do you feel about it?

Boreanaz: You know, I went over to her finale and she said she would come over to mine. It would’ve been nice to have her over here. I guess it was Joss’s decision. He wrapped it up the way he wanted to. I’ll just leave it at that.

TVGO: What do you think of how the show’s wrapped up?

Boreanaz: I’m comfortable with the way they’re ending it. It’s very open-ended. The title of the episode is "Not Fade Away," which I dig [because] that’s a Grateful Dead tune. It goes out fighting, which I think is great.

TVGO: There are rumors we haven’t seen the last of Angel, that there might be some TV or DVD movies in the future. Would you come back to the character?

Boreanaz: [Laughs] I don’t think I will, no.

TVGO: Seriously?

Boreanaz: Yeah. The only way I would do any kind of loose-end wrapping up would be if the pieces were right, and if they decided to do it on a different, higher level, like a film. Joss is doing Serenity [the feature based on his 2002 short-lived Fox series Firefly], and we’ll see how that goes for him. If they decided to do that with Angel and if the pieces were right, fine. But you never know where everyone is in their lives at that moment.

TVGO: Where do you see yourself going from here?

Boreanaz: Shooting a film with Martin Scorcese off the coast of Africa. [Laughs] F---, why not, man? Give me a call, Scorcese. I’m open!

TVGO: Are you reading scripts?

Boreanaz: I haven’t thought about it. I have one project that looks like it’s gonna happen, but I can’t talk about it yet. I have some offers coming in. But most importantly, I’m just gonna chill and not do much of anything. I’m not in a rush. I’m in a beautiful position because I don’t have to worry about a hiatus. I’m free, and I’m very excited about the opportunities that lay ahead.

12 Forum messages

  • Well that’s the end of Angel as we know it then :(

    If the rest of the cast share this attitude then we can kiss goodbye to season 6 and more.

  • I think that a Buffy movie is likely tho so mayb Joss will do that instead! +that means that Spike+sum of the characters in Angel will still get a chance 2 carry on their characters arc!
  • I would definitely prefer a Buffy movie rather than an Angel movie. I was closer to the Buffy characters than I was to the Angel characters and I’m kind of glad David doesn’t plan on being a part of future projects.

    Ofcourse this could all change when he realises people aren’t banging on his door to take on roles.

  • Actually, the song "Not Fade Away" is a Buddy Holly song (writing credits: Norman Petty/Charles Hardin), which has been covered by innumerable bands, but was really made famous by the Rolling Stones on their self-titled debut (1964). The Grateful Dead didn’t cover that tune until 1971. I think and hope that Whedon had the Stones in mind when naming the episode.
  • I like David Boreanaz and in some ways I can understand why he might want a break from the character. But I think he sounds very egoticstical. I personally like James Marsters much better and think he is a better actor. He brought the character of Spike to life and brought the character full circle from total baddie to a character with a heart and a soul. I would watch anything with James in it.
  • It sounds as if David’s kind of a snippy guy.
  • > David Boreanaz - Tvguide.com Interview - Angel Adieu

    13 May 2004 05:00, by Wolverine68

    I’m glad toy are relieved the show is over David, you sell out. You are a traitor, and hypocrite. Didn’t you not say before, that you wanted to do this show for years to come? Lair!

    But let’s see how relived you are when you are standing in the unemployment line next year

    Hey, the truth hurts man!

  • Good for David, I would rather watch a show go out on a high than drag on and become awful.

    He’s an actor not Angel. His job is to take on more roles. He seems very down to earth.

    I am sure that one day there will be a movie but it needs Angel , Buffy, Giles Wesley etc.

  • I know that Whedon is a Grateful Dead fan, so I suspect he was going from a Grateful Dead fan’s view and naming the song after their version. Hense Boreanaz quoting it as a Grateful Dead song too. Sorry mate.

    Besides, the Stones were never had the talent of the Beatles anyway.

  • I noticed everyone is nasty on this site. WHY??? Isn’t it a fan site?? and...every actors have a life!! If david doesn’t wanna play Angel anymore, i respect his decision because he gave us 8 years awsome!! YOU are egoistical!!


  • DB is just being the positive guy he is. How do you think he is going to react to the news that his show is cancelled. DB has said he would play the character Angel as long as he could
    - well he has. DB is a beautiful man so all I can say is best wishes to him and all the Angel cast.
  • David Boreanaz did say he would continue to play Angel for as long as it took. It was over when SMG left buffy...I think DB just doesn’t want to seem like he’s holding onto it forever. I also think it was going to be hard to attract new fans when there is soo much linked history in past series.

    He also said he’d do a movie if the script was good! (think star trek - next generation...they worked without being lame)